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Silicone Pet Feeders - Birds

soft silicone pet syringe

Innovet Pet Products created the only hand feeding syringe made with medical grade silicone to prevent damage to the beak, throat and crop. The gentle silicone tips are soft and flexible yet difficult for to bite through. Soft silicone dispensing tip makes the hand feeding of liquids, foods and medicines easy for birds and bird owners alike.
10cc Feeding Syringe w/ Customizable Stepped Tip:
  10ml 10cc soft pet hand feeding syringe
Innovet's most gentle hand feeder is ideal for fragile hatchlings. Soft flexible tip has no sharp edges. Quickly customize to specific needs of each bird by trimming off the shorter sections. Patented gasketless "no stick" plunger. Durable laminated scale in .5cc increments up to 10cc  (2 tsp) to ensure accurate dosages.
10cc Feeding Syringe w/ 6mm (1/4")
         soft silicone pet syringe 10cc

This 10cc version is better suited for medium sized birds . Accurately dispenses liquid medicines and feeding formulas. Patented gasketless "no stick" plunger. Soft flexible tip has no sharp edges. Durable laminated scale in .5cc increments up to 10cc (2 tsp).

30cc Feeding Syringe w/ 10mm (3/8" Tip)
30cc soft silicone hand feeder for pets
Ideal for hand feeding large birds. To dispense thick and chunky feeding formulas and dietary supplements. Gasketless "no stick" plunger. Soft flexible tip has no sharp edges and is difficult to bite through. Durable laminated scale in 1cc increments up to 30cc (1oz).
 *Do not use with powder based supplements, Science Diet A/D or formulas with diatomaceous earth. Instead use the 10cc or 60cc units.
60cc Feeding Syringe w/ 10mm (3/8" Tip)
60cc 2oz silicone tipped hand feeding syringe

Ideal for very large birds with sizable appetites. To dispense thick and chunky feeding formulas and dietary supplements. Soft flexible tip has no sharp edges and is difficult to bite through. Durable laminated scale in 2cc increments up to 60cc (2oz).

Bird owners share a rare commonality in that their animals are one of the
few speciesHand Feeding a Bird who may outlive their owners.  Combining that
with their intelligence explains the unique bond between owners and birds.  This relationship is why owners will do almost anything for their pets and why we here at Innovet are so passionate about creating products that not only keep pets comfortable and safe but can save their lives as well. Our journey down the road of creating the perfect hand feeding syringe for birds began by accident in 2006.

We had a customer who was ordering large quantities of our original
product designed to clean dog ears.  Out of curiosity we called the organization
and learned that it was a non-profit Wild Bird sanctuary in Colorado who was using
the soft silicone syringe tip to feed baby bird hatchlings and help nurse injured and
sick birds back to health.

We then worked with the organization to develop a product better suited to
deal with the unique problems associated with hand feeding parrots, conures,
cockatiels, parakeets, canaries, finches as well as countless wild bird species. 

The primary reason the bird sanctuary chose our product was that the baby birds
would not break their sensitive beaks as they would with traditional syringes made
from hard plastic.  They also found that birds were much more likely to feed when
using our soft silicone tip than a normal syringe. 

Unfortunately because our original design was not made to feed birds it did not take into account the unique anatomy of a bird.  The bird sanctuary told us they would prefer a tapered tip that allowed for a soft piece that the birds could rest their beaks on followed by a small piece of tubing which would direct the food or medicine to the birds gullet.

This valuable customer feedback led us to create two custom solutions, the multi-use pet syringe or MUPS and the micro flexoject.  Both designs have proven to be successful and
continue to be used by happy bird owners to this day.

Keep in mind that the vast majority of our customers become repeat customers. Please give our products a try and help us fulfill our mission of making pets lives that much more comfortable through creative solutions for happier pets. We promise you and your pet won't be disappointed.

Why syringe feed your bird:

Your bird has been showing signs of illness and you immediately become
concerned for your birds health.  To alleviate your worries you take your bird to
the Veterinarian.  After examination the vet prescribes a liquid medication to be
dosed orally 2 times a day for 10 days. 

Your vet describes a simple method for dosing the medication, “Just draw the liquid into the syringe then squirt it into the bird’s mouth. Make sure he gets all of the medication.” 

Sounds simple right?

Wait until you try it and your bird resists, maybe tries to bite you, fly’s away and
then avoids you like the plague. Now you’re left holding an empty syringe, with a
pool of unused medication on your counter and an angry bird flying around the

What should you do now?

Well, keep in mind these medications are designed to be taken exactly as prescribed, full dosage intact.  So ensuring full delivery of themedication is of utmost importance.  Proper delivery of the medication is essential to your bird regaining its health. Fortunately for you and your bird we have the answer in our Multi Use Pet Syringe, Micro-Flexoject, and
Flexoject dispensing tips.

How to syringe feed your Bird:

To feed or medicate your bird you must first prepare your syringe and soft
silicone dispensing tip.  When using a Flexoject or Micro Flexoject tip, remove the
tip from the package and attach the tip to the lur-lock syringe by inserting the tip
into the syringe and turning clockwise until you encounter resistance, this usually
happens at 1/2-1 full turn.  

If you are using a non removable dispensing tip such as a Multi Use Pet Syringe or Large feeding syringe, simply cut the tip to the desired length and you are ready to go.  Next, draw the desired amount of food or medication into the syringe.  Now you are ready to dispense the liquid into your birds mouth.

We recommend syringe training your bird. The specific approach to syringe
feeding each Bird is dependant upon the Breed, age and overall health of your Bird. Accordingly, if your bird has not yet been syringe trained then we recommend
following the instructions found at the following website

Cleaning Innovet's Silicone Feeding Syringes:

Routine cleaning can be as simple as soap and water. If extra cleaning is required then remove the plunger from the syringe and wash both pieces separately using hot water. Dishwashers can be used (avoid the heated dry setting if possible). Do not use harsh alcohol, ammonia or cleaners such as those meant for pots&pans and avoid abrasive scrubbers.

*Note: After multiple uses and cleanings the seal of silicone tip may get wet causing it to fall off during use. After cleaning make sure that the feeding syringe is completely dry and then check that the tip has a tight seal. If the seal is loose or if the tip comes off then fully dry both the syringe and tip then firmly press the tip back onto the syringe. Finally recheck that the tip is on tight- just like new again.

If you have any questions about cleaning or using our SIlicone Pet Feeders please contact us.