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Updated at: December 11, 2020

How can STAT! Syringe help your dog?

The possibility of dog poisoning is present all the time. No matter if they are deliberate or accidental, these poisonings are very common. If we just think about all the things that our dog gets in touch on a daily basis, this fact should not surprise us at all.

This poisonings can be caused by different detergents, varnishes, paints, agents for plant protection, mosquito, and or rat repellents and other similar toxic products. In addition, some seemingly safe household items like grapes, chocolate and prescription medications can be toxic for dogs. All these toxins lead to serious or very serious conditions and they are also very common cause of death. The official stats show that thousands of dogs die unnecessarily each year from accidental poisoning.

Experts agree that the situation is even more serious when the dog is still a puppy because this is the time when it learns what it can eat and what should be avoided. The majority of fatalities in dogs from poisoning are in dogs that are less than one year old.

Since the symptoms of poisoning are more or less visible, whenever we notice that our dog ate poison, we have to take actions fast. Many people think about their veterinarian first, but the fact is that the trip to the veterinarian to induce vomiting in dogs is costly and there are cases when you simply don’t have access to a veterinarian. The good news is that every pet owner can provide first aid for dogs from their home or anywhere else.

How to get my dog to throw up is one of the most searched questionon the Internet at least when it comes to pets. Although you might find many answers to this question, the fact is that the only safe way to induce vomiting in dogs at home is to use a specific weight based dose of hydrogen peroxide. Thanks to the properties that this compound has, the dog will safely throw up all the toxins it has consumed through some of the aforementioned products. However, you must use a specific amount of hydrogen peroxide and this can be quite difficult when you are watching your dog in pain. It is quite complicated to administer this substance quickly, safely and in a timely manner. This was a very frustrating situation in the past and until now there was no tool designed especially for this purpose.

Innovet STAT!Syringe

Innovet pet products launches STAT!Syringe a revolutionary silicone tipped syringe calibrated in dog weight that will help owners solve any dilemmas they have about the amount of hydrogen peroxide they need to use in cases of emergency. In addition, pet owners will avoid spoon feeding which can be quite messy and difficult when the dog is poisoned. With only one press of the plunger, the dog will receive the exact amount of hydrogen peroxide necessary to eliminate all the symptoms of poisoning.

When the toxic substance enters your dog’s body, it takes up to two hours for this substance to be absorbed in the small intestines. Once this happens, you can expect severe damage or even death. That’s why experts suggest checking your dog every once in a while because you never know when your pet might get poisoned. Two hours is a very short timeframe, so you must take some actions right away. If you are like most of the responsible dog owners, you certainly have a first aid kit for your dog. Adding STAT!Syringe to this kit is the best thing that you can do. There is a reason why many experts say that this is the best first aid tool for dogs.

STAT!Syringe can help dog owners who have dogs that weigh between 5 lb and 60 lbs. Of course, even dogs that weigh more than 60 lbs will find this product useful because if they weight more, you should deliver 2nd dose equivalent to the additional weight. For instance, if the dog weights 70 lbs, you will give it one full dose and a 2nd dose for a 10 lb dog.

There is no doubt that STAT!Syringe is an excellent product. This is a product that can be used by any dog owner because administering it is very simple and easy and you don’t need any special knowledge to perform this activity. Furthermore, using this product is safe because the product is based on hydrogen peroxide and doesn’t come with any side effects. Finally, STAT!Syringe can be used anywhere and at any time.

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