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Why We Created Our Advanced Probiotic Chews

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Why We Created Our Advanced Probiotic Chews

Posted by Michael Jones on
Updated at: March 02, 2021

Inspired By Gordon | Innovet Pet

Gordon the bulldog had some issues that really stunk. Literally. Gordon had diarrhea and chronic soft stools. Big dogs get diarrhea from stomach infections, and the gas they can have is room-clearing stuff. It’s dank and rancid smelling. Gordon needed some serious help and nothing really worked for him.

Cleaning up the messes that he constantly had was no picnic either. Who wants to clean-up wet, messy piles of poop all the time? Trust us, the answer is nobody. It’s also funny a time or two when the dog farts under the dinner table. When it gets to be every single time and the house is in constant need of air freshener because of the dog’s gas problems, it is isn’t funny anymore. It’s also not any fun for your dog. In fact, they can be quite sick without you being fully aware of their symptoms.

He didn’t feel good. He was chronically ill, suffering with diarrhea that was sometimes bloody. He had gas, he was lethargic at times, and his weight was an issue. Basically, he wasn’t healthy at all. Taking him to the veterinarian constantly to have him checked, do stool samples and attempt to diagnose the issue was expensive and a hassle. Through it all, we were pretty sure that it just wasn’t any fun for Gordon either. That’s why we set out to create a probiotic chew with hemp that could help to bring balance to the bacteria in the gut. Gordon needed help and we knew that we had the background and expertise to be able to help.


We did a lot of research. A ton of research.

We learned more about dog poop than you’d probably ever want to learn in your lifetime. One thing that was abundantly clear was that when the natural flora in the intestines is unbalanced, it can cause a lot of health issues to begin cropping up.

To begin to understand things, you must know that there are good bacteria and bad bacteria in the gut. This is as it should be, as long as there is a balance, everything works as it should. When there is an imbalance of these natural bacteria, everything goes awry and it can happen fast. Many things can cause it to happen: Taking a course of antibiotics for an infection can kill the good flora in the intestines and cause issues.

An illness may cause problems. Sometimes dogs eat things that they shouldn’t eat and these might cause issues with the sensitive balance in the intestines. Garbage surfing, for example, may tempt them to eat something that is partly spoiled or rancid.

Once that bacteria hits their belly, it spreads through the intestines like wildfire, taking over like an invading tribe of warriors. Soon, there is a war going on in the gut and your dog is the big loser.

Sometimes dogs will simply have gut issues for no apparent reason, but the remedy for this is nearly always the same - they need probiotics to replace the natural flora of the intestines.

This means that they need to have cultures of living organisms introduced into their system to repopulate the good bacteria, in the form of probiotics. This will set the balance back to normal. Until that happens, they are going to have issues and if their health begins to decline, they can honestly become quite sick.

What Is Advanced Probiotic Chews For Dogs?

Why We Created Our Advanced Probiotic Chews | Innovet Pet

Our probiotic for dogs is made with pumpkin and sweet potato for a delicious taste that allows you to offer them as a treat each day. They’re designed in dosages that enable you to give 2-4 treats per day, depending on the size and weight of your dog.

They will willingly take them from you and beg for more because we developed them to be highly palatable to dogs. As a matter of fact, we specifically made them in small doses per treat so that you could give 2-4 of them per day, using them as training treats if you so desire. It makes it fun for your pet too.

There are no dyes, no artificial flavors and our product is made right here in the USA. It is plant-based, eco-friendly, and we have a 30-day money-back guarantee on our probiotic chews because we are so confident that you and your dog will both love them.


We put a team of veterinarians. scientists, and medical experts together because the specialty of gut health is still a relatively little-known science. We let them work together to put together our probiotic formulation based as much on what they felt would work, as on what we knew was wrong with the other probiotics on the market today.  Advanced Probiotic Chews, like all of our products, focuses on the well-being of your dog while being made with all-natural ingredients. It’s formulated with plant-based products that are proven to be non-irritating and beneficial without causing any secondary issues.

We also provide living microorganisms in our probiotics and we formulated food for them right into the chews, so that they stay healthy and active right up to the point they enter your dog’s digestive tract, where they can immediately go to work. When they hit your dog’s intestines they are ready and rearing to get to work and your dog will begin feeling better within days.

Introducing probiotics to their system can help with a wide variety of issues that you were probably unaware of. Probiotics, combined with digestive enzymes and fiber supplements, can help them overcome issues with food allergies, food intolerance, inflammatory bowel disease, diarrhea, and infections. It’s an amazing result for issues that you likely didn’t know had anything to do with bacteria balance in the intestinal tract.

How Do Our Advanced Probiotics Chews Work?

Why We Created Our Advanced Probiotic Chews | Innovet Pet

The probiotics enter the body in the form of living organisms. They go directly into the intestines and work to bring balance back to the intestines. All of your vitamins and minerals are absorbed through the walls of your intestines. If you aren’t healthy in the gut, and this goes for dogs too, then there is no way to digest food properly and absorb the necessary nutrition from the food.

When a dog’s gut is out of balance he will be gassy and he may have stomach pains. He could even be nutritionally starving, even if you are feeding him premium foods. Without gut health, he is likely going to have diarrhea, possibly with blood at times and he may even vomit at times. Long-term health issues can plague a dog that is nutritionally weakened and young dogs may not develop properly, a dog of any age will have immune system problems, and brain development and health are also at risk.

Our chews are formulated to add fiber to their system that will help alleviate constipation. The hemp adds omega 3-6-9 oil that reduces inflammation of the gut and aids in digestion. It’s rich in antioxidants to help the body by boosting the immune system.

It is loaded with vitamins and minerals to aid the body in helping to right the ship. Vitamins like A and Lutein support everything from metabolic functions to eyesight. Many ingredients have anti-inflammatory properties to help with reducing the inflammation that happens in the gut when bad bacteria take over and become overpopulated.

When that bad bacteria runs amuck, inflammation takes over and unfortunately, from the gut, it can spread to the entire body. Health issues will follow. Diarrhea is typically one of the first symptoms that are visual but most dogs will experience gas and bloating before anything else. If you notice that your dog is gassy regularly, he would benefit from probiotics.

Think about dogs you have had over the years who had chronic gas. Remember how the whole family laughed when the dog passed gas when you were all watching television? Nine times out of ten, he had a problem in his gut that needed attention.

Even feeding your dog scraps can cause this issue if there are bacteria in the food. Food that has been left out for too long, food that is spoiled, the garbage that he gets into when you aren’t home, and things of that nature can all cause the issue.

So our chews add good bacteria back to the gut, reduce inflammation that is caused by the bad bacteria, and work to get the body healing itself very quickly. Your dog will begin having less gas almost immediately. Vomiting and diarrhea will clear and you’ll begin to notice that he looks healthier and has more energy. He will feel so much better!

His body will begin using nutrition in the food he eats again. When the bad bacteria are no longer eating the nutrients first, his body will begin absorbing them into the bloodstream via the intestines again as they are supposed to. Every single metabolic function in his body will benefit. It’s truly amazing to see the differences in how they look and feel.

How the Ingredients Play a Key Role in How It Works

Why We Created Our Advanced Probiotic Chews | Innovet Pet

We have chosen only the best, most natural, and least irritating ingredients for all of our products. These chews are no different than any other product we’ve worked hard to develop. Each ingredient was carefully vetted to ensure that it was the best possible product and to make sure it was necessary to the formula, without being something that could upset their stomach further.

We are proud of the process and of the ingredients that we chose. We happily provide the complete list of ingredients on our bottle and want to be honest and above board with everything that we use so that our customers can learn about the products and understand what sets us apart from other companies that may only list ‘proprietary blend’ on their labels.

We’ve always believed in building personal relationships founded on trust with our customers. This is likely why all of our products are reviewed so highly and our customers continue to return to use when they need additional products for their pets. 

Our Ingredients Include:

Hemp Seed Oil

It provides all of the omega oil in our probiotic chews, helping to reduce inflammation in the gut. Hemp is also full of anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce stomach cramps and aid digestion.

Probiotic Blend

Our custom, veterinarian-approved, probiotic blend developed by our team for dogs. It works to calm uncomfortable and poor digestion that makes it hard for the body to absorb nutrients resulting in gas, diarrhea, mineral & vitamin deficiencies, and poorer health overall. 

Terpene Seed Powder

It provides more omega fatty acids, plus fiber, vitamins, and minerals. These all reduce inflammation in the body but really target the gastrointestinal system. In the gut, inflammation can cause diarrhea, constipation, discomfort, and poor health.

Sweet Potato

Dogs love this delicious source of fiber. It’s also full of digestive enzymes that help relieve constipation. It also works to support the healthy bacteria culture that is introduced with its prebiotic nutrients. It is, in other words, a food source for the probiotics that are in the chews. It provides a source of fiber that helps the gastrointestinal tract as a whole and also feeds the bacteria living there.


Pumpkin adds more fiber to make up for any fiber and prebiotic that may be missing in sweet potato alone. When combined, they work as a powerhouse of prebiotic fiber, boosting enzymes, and fully support your dog’s gut microbes, making him more healthy overall. It’s very rich in antioxidants, Vitamin A, Zeathin, and Lutein. The latter being support for healthy eyes. It’s also tasty and dogs love it.

Terpene Extract

This is a powerful tool in helping with digestion. It’s fantastic for the gastrointestinal system as a whole and it reduces nausea. It can help with either constipation or diarrhea regardless of which your dog is experiencing.  It will also ease the tension that causes pain and cramps in the muscles of the bowels as it assists the other ingredients in reducing gut inflammation. It is considered a superfood too!

All you have to do is provide your dog with 2-4 chews per day, based on their body weight.

Under 35lbs: 2 Chews
36-75lbs: 3 Chews
Over 76lbs: 4 Chews

Nothing could be easier. Your dog will love the chews and within hours, the new microbes introduced to his gut will begin making him feel better. As they reproduce, branching and breaking off into new ones, they will restore the balance between good and bad bacteria.

You will witness his changes as the shine returns to his eyes, the gas and bloat diminish, and he honestly starts to look healthy. His fur will shine, his appetite will return to normal and diarrhea that plagued him will become a thing of the past. We know because we witnessed Gordon begin feeling better. In a matter of weeks, Gordon was a different dog. That’s why we know that your dog will love the chews and you will be absolutely impressed with the results. This is why we confidently offer the 30-day money-back guarantee. You aren’t going to be disappointed and we know it.

Dogs can be completely miserable with poor gut health and if you don’t understand what is going on, you’ll never treat it. We not only want to create products that help dogs feel better, but we also want to help teach pet parents how to be on the lookout for things that might potentially be going on with their pets.

Aside from formulating natural products that give you safer options in taking care of your pet’s health, we’ve also strived to create products that are affordable to give you options for healthy pet care that might otherwise be out of reach for some.

We work tirelessly to provide support and education for our customers by bringing information to you and providing it free of charge on our website. You can look for topics and learn about virtually any pet care issue that you can think of. We’ll teach you about health problems and basic healthcare for all sorts of pets, not just dogs.

The relationship with our customers means a great deal to us and we want to work hard to build that trust which will bring you back time and time again. When you need us, we’ll be there. If you have a question about any product, we have designed our website to include a ‘Ask a question’ link directly under the product name. This makes it simple and easy to get your question personally and promptly answered.

We know that we set the bar high, but we know that your pet is a part of the family, just like our Gordon. Wanting what is best for them is what drives us to do better, provide better products and continue to add new things that will provide you with the affordable, natural, and safe options that you need to provide the best in health support for your pet.

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