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BioPel Supplement For Dogs Or Cats - A Revolutionary Idea

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BioPel Supplement For Dogs Or Cats - A Revolutionary Idea

This product was inspired by Gordo and Maximus, as so many of our products are. We wanted to create a natural alternative to boost their overall immune system and help prevent fleas and ticks, but it was because of Pearl that we developed this oral supplement over topical sprays.

Pearl was given a well known topical and had a reaction to it that out of character for her. She was definitely not her usual self and we did some research and found that changes in behavior can often accompany the use of topic flea and tick treatments but no one really talks about it. To us, this was completely unacceptable and certainly not good enough for Pearl.

Because these topicals are loaded with harmful chemical pesticides, they could be dangerous to your pet and that’s why we felt driven and somewhat obligated to come up with a natural alternative for dogs just like Pearl.

We have created a great tasting food additive, in the form of a supplement, that is a natural alternative designed to protect pets from fleas and also give them an overall boost to their immune system. With key ingredients like aged garlic powder (which has no smell), it repels fleas safely and naturally. No more of those nasty chemically laced drops placed on her shoulders. Those things can be dangerous and reactions can happen quickly.

We also realize and would like to point out that one product may not be enough, especially depending on your location and the bugs that are problematic where you live. For this reason, we created the BioPel Product line to help with external and internal use for flea and tick prevention. When you use all of the products together, as they are meant to work together, you’ll kick fleas and ticks right out of your life and help your dog be healthy again.

What Is It And Why Do I Need It For My Dog/Cat?

Dogs and cats like to go outside and bugs like to come inside. It’s a very big problem and it’s also a very serious threat to their health. When your dog or cat goes outdoors, they run in the grass and they play in the dirt. In other words, they do what pets like to do. There’s nothing cuter, in our mind, than to envision our dog, racing happily in the tall grass as we throw them a ball. They race after it and bring it back to us over and over with no suspicion at all for the threats that are nearby.

There, in that tall grass, are creepy critters that lurk, just watching and waiting for your pup to cruise closely past them so that they can hitch a ride and have a meal. That meal, of course, is your dog; more precisely, his blood.

Fleas and ticks are parasites that attach and feed for blood. Fleas only stay attached for a moment, taking a bite and ingesting as much blood as they can quickly. Their bite is typically felt and begins to itch almost immediately. Flea infestations are completely miserable for your dog and can be for you as well. Fleas will bite humans and prefer pets, but you’ll do.

Ticks will attach themselves and stay as long as they can until they are bursting at the seams with blood. They may be very small when they attach and their body will expand like a balloon - a great big balloon filled with the blood of their host. ‘Host’ is a kind word for their victims. These bites don’t often hurt. In fact, the bite may have no initial sensation at all. The problem comes after the initial bite.

A tick can transmit diseases and the bite can become infected, especially if the tick is pulled off the host without getting the entire body of the tick, including the head which is often under the skin. Some of the things passed via the tick can also affect humans and this is a very good reason to not want ticks anywhere near you, your pet, or even in your yard.

Flea bites are extremely itchy and will have your pet scratching and digging for the biting fleas. When they manage to get a hold of that flea in their mouth, they are going to swallow it. When that happens, that flea is going to turn into a tapeworm in their intestines. Now you also have a worm issue that can cause serious issues as well.

If your dog has a condition called flea dermatitis, then he is allergic to the saliva of the flea and his reaction to the bites of fleas will be excessively horrendous. His fur will become bare in places that he chews constantly, due to the allergic reaction he is having that will make his skin crawl and itch constantly. Dogs that suffer from flea dermatitis really do suffer terribly. They will even chew on themselves frantically until they bite themselves and bleed. Hotspots can develop that require ointments and bathing to clear up.

BioPel Supplement was designed to help your pet internally to fight fleas and ticks by repelling them with the body chemistry changes that happen when they eat the supplement. BioPel contains aged garlic.

Garlic is a very well-documented way of controlling internal parasites since medieval times. It also adds selenium to the diet which is important to protect them against heart disease. Selenium is also extremely valuable in the prevention of arthritis, many types of skin issues, and even Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).

BioPel is easily digested, so it shouldn’t upset your pet’s stomach, even if he tends to be sensitive. Brewer’s yeast, along with the beef liver, adds a lot of vitamins to the supplement as well. Pumpkin seeds and diatomaceous earth are included to help rid them of internal parasites that come into contact with them in the intestines. They work to naturally shred bugs and parasites such as hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. This means that our supplement can also serve as a wormer on a consistent basis.

All it takes is one single serving per 10 pounds of body weight each day. Add it right to their food and they’ll eat it easily. We made sure to make it taste totally amazing, so don’t worry. They’ll love it and eat it willingly. In fact, they will scarf it down and ask for more, but they don’t need more. One serving per day and they’ll be in great shape internally. Externally, you’ll notice a lot fewer fleas, ticks, itching, hot spots, and bare spots.

The reasons to use BioPel are apparent. It’s for the pet owner who wants their pet to be free of worms, fleas, ticks, and who don’t want to use chemicals to make that a reality. It’s made for pets like Pearl, who couldn’t tolerate harsh chemicals and her life was impacted dramatically when she was exposed to them. We wanted her to be comfortable and happy. We know that this is the product you are looking for if you want the same thing for your pets as well.

If you care about the planet, you’ll also want to use fewer chemicals and more natural pet products. Our products, whether we are talking about our BioPel or any of our other all-natural products, are formulated to be eco-friendly and kind to the earth. We care about all animals and that means caring for the earth upon which we all live. We know that anyone who also cares about the environment will want to use our natural BioPel Supplement.

How Does It Work?

For the best results, you should use BioPel in conjunction with our other BioPel Flea and Tick sprays for indoors and outdoors. This will help you to form protections around your home, your yard, and your pet, specifically. By approaching flea and tick prevention and treatment from several different directions, it is easiest to break the flea life cycle and prevent them from making themselves at home.

When you continue to use the BioPel with each meal, you’re keeping the product in their system to ensure that reinfestations don’t occur. When you treat your yard, you prevent any fleas or ticks from hitching a ride on your pet or even on yourself, and making their way into your home.

By spraying their bedding, your carpeting, your furnishings, and continuing to spray them each week, you’ll make sure to catch any that may have made their way into the house from environments outside of your home, such as parks and other public spaces.

The flea life cycle is actually very short, but in that short time, a flea can lay up to 50 eggs per day. They can mate and lay eggs within 24 hours and within 24 to 48 hours of the female’s first blood meal, she will lay her first eggs. It just makes you itch all over to think about it, doesn’t it?

The flea can infest your home, via the carpeting, the upholstery of your furniture and in the bedding of your pet. If he sleeps in your bed, then it is very possible that you are being bitten by fleas as well. Sometimes a few hundred eggs can hatch at once and you’ll find your white socks looking as if they have been peppered. A flea can eat 15 times his body weight in blood each day. Imagine your dog being attacked by a hundred or more fleas at once. Fleas can cause anemia and severe anemia can lead to death eventually if not treated.

They are a very serious threat, so using BioPel will end that cycle by ensuring that they want no part of your dog. The aged garlic contains allicin, a natural enzyme that has been reported to deter fleas and ticks. Don’t worry, this aged garlic is safer on the stomach and mucous membranes that raw garlic or garlic powders.

There is selenium in our supplement and that helps the immune system, which is an important help when your system is being attacked by parasites.

The brewer’s yeast provides vitamin B, protein, zinc, and biotin which are all helpful in maintaining healthy coats. That’s also helpful when you are fighting bare spots from scratching and flea dermatitis. Fleas don’t like brewer’s yeast when it is in the body at all.

We added hormone-free desiccated beef liver because it has a flavor that pets absolutely will go wild for. It also provides very necessary and needed iron and B vitamins that could be depleted from flea bites and ticks that take blood meals. This helps to give your dog a fighting chance to reduce the impact of the flea bites they have already received.

Pumpkin seed powder provides calcium, folic acid, zinc, potassium, cucurbitacin, and niacin. It helps to keep the urinary tract healthy and it also is a natural way to rid the intestines of tapeworms and roundworms. Dogs typically love the taste of pumpkin and pumpkin seeds so it was a no-brainer addition to the supplement.

Food-grade diatomaceous earth rounds out the mixture. It’s completely harmless to animals and humans but it is lethal to insects and parasites who have hard exoskeletons. As it makes contact with their body, it slices and cuts them, creating wounds that effectively dries them out and kills them within hours after contact. It removes roundworms, hookworms, pinworms, whipworms and larvae of all sorts from the body. It makes a great colon cleanse, even for humans, which is why it comes in food-grade.

That’s it. There isn’t anything else in the BioPel. It’s kept very simple and natural, just like everything we’ve ever formulated at InnovetPet. It works without adding pesticides to their body or their environment. It is filled with things that naturally help to boost their system and replace what they may be losing to parasites. It naturally changes their body chemistry to something that bugs and worms don’t like, creating an environment that is no longer hospitable to parasites.

When used in conjunction with our other BioPel Flea and Tick sprays for the home and yard, you’ll have fleas and ticks under control right away. In fact, fleas and ticks will begin dying right away with these products.

There is nothing to cause any strange reactions, the likes of what Pearl experienced. Your dog won’t be exposed to any neurotoxins, you won’t have to worry about your children hugging the dog or cat and getting chemicals all over them either. If your children have sensitive skin and allergies, those topical flea and tick drops can cause reactions and skin rashes. Some humans are very sensitive to them.

Pet behavioral experts have reported that some animals experience changes in personality and irritability when topical flea drops are used. Typically, when the drops are ceased and the pet is bathed, the behavior returns to normal. In some reports, the behavioral changes have been quite severe causing outbursts toward other pets in the household, even biting and snarling. This is a drastic reaction to chemicals.

We are overwhelming our pets and the planet with chemicals. Our mission has been to give people safe, all-natural alternatives for pets that are hard to treat because they are sensitive or fighting other illnesses. Using natural products is far less likely to cause reactions and overwhelm their immune systems. If a pet is fighting a chronic illness or disease, undergoing treatment for cancer, or simply aging, then using harsh chemicals should be avoided. We offer alternatives for those pets and their owners.

As pet owners, Dave and Matt knew that they had to create products that were simple, safe, yet effective. The health of their own pets depended on products that would actually work. That’s why they walk the talk and all of their products come with product guarantees. There’s no point in formulating natural products if they don’t work.

Some companies might market products that aren’t up to the claims they make. The sad fact is that not all companies care deeply about the quality of the products they sell. We make every effort to choose all of our ingredients very carefully, selecting only products that add something positive to a formulation. Once we decide on the right mix of ingredients, then only the best of them are used. The sources are meticulously scrutinized and chosen for their high quality.

We wouldn’t give our own pets a sub-par product and we wouldn’t put our name on one either. Trust is important when it comes to choosing products for your pets because they mean the world to you. We know that because we have pets and we were let down by other products from different companies a long time ago. That’s exactly what drove Matt and Dave to create the best products possible and choose to run a company that is based on bringing integrity back to pet care products.

Integrity and truly caring about customers and their pets aren’t always the norm anymore. We’d like to bring that sort of customer care back into fashion. We know that you will love our BioPel. We firmly believe that your dog will love it and thrive on it.

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