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The Importance Of Organic Dog Food Explained

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The Importance Of Organic Dog Food Explained
Dog with bowl of organic dog food | Innovet Pet

Taking care of our furry friends is a pleasure for pet parents. However, it does come with challenges along the way. We understand that completely here at Innovet as we have our own pets as well. Dogs can have health problems and issues with various things that humans do. For example, dogs are just as unique in their acceptance of foods as humans are. Some dogs are finicky eaters, others have sensitivities to various foods, and much more. Sounds familiar, right? 


1. Why Organic Dog Food is Important
2. GMOs Explained
3. Why Organic Dog Food? Is It Beneficial?
4. What is Mycotoxin?
5. CBD Oil for Dogs for Improved Health
6. What Does a USDA Organic Label Mean?
7. Final Thoughts of Organic Dog Food

Their diets are linked to their health and well-being. It can make a big difference to how they feel and act and even look. A poor diet can make dogs exhausted, moody, and overweight. So a good diet can really improve everything about their lives and give them better health.

Organic dog food can be added to a diet that many pet owners are looking into today and some have been feeding their pooches organic food for a while already. But why is organic dog food so important? The importance of organic dog food will be explained in this article in full detail so that curious pet owners can have as much knowledge as possible.

Why Organic Dog Food is Important

Organic dog food contains no artificial ingredients. This is very important for dogs that need a cleaner and healthier diet. After all, pets can be just as sensitive to foods as humans. One of the most important aspects of organic dog food is that it contains no GMOs.

Not containing GMO's is very important for pet parents that want the healthiest option for their pets.

So, what exactly are GMOs?

GMOs Explained

The Importance Of Organic Dog Food Explained | Innovet Pet

Knowing what is in your dog's food is important. This is especially true if you know your dog needs a diet overhaul. Maybe they are sensitive to certain chemicals and ingredients or they simply need to lose some weight to be healthy.

A GMO is a genetically modified organism. This means that it is an organism that is not in its natural state. An organism not in its naturally state has likely been genetically modified. Many medical doctors, scientists, and others disagree about whether or not genetically modified foods are okay or not. Some feel they are safe and others feel they are not safe. There have been some studies done, however, many feel that they are being conducted by companies that are financing the studies to show them favorable to their business purposes.

GMOs are actually in many foods that people consume. Some foods that can be genetically modified are soy, rice, canola, beets, and corn. Also, potatoes and tomatoes are found to be genetically modified. Sadly, there are many other foods that contain GMOs. Soy products often contain genetically modified organisms. Soy products containing GMOs need to be checked for ingredients and consumed carefully.

It can be really difficult to avoid GMOs unless one is purchasing organic products.  Many products contain GMOs and it can be hard to decipher which ones have them and which ones don't. The ingredients that could be modified are often hard to pinpoint and many average consumers have no idea what to look for.

GMOs are shown to have impact on the body's health and can affect the liver, kidney, immune system, and cause gut health issues. It may even cause allergies and lead to certain cancers. Gut health has been shown to be directly related to the immune system. GMOs can disrupt healthy gut bacteria and that is not a good thing for people that may have compromised immune systems. People that have healthy gut bacteria could begin to suffer if they consume GMOs. That means that your pooch could also suffer some of the devastating health consequences that humans do.

Avoiding GMOs is something that health-conscious people and pet parents should consider doing. Organic products and foods can eliminate the worry of GMOs.

Why Organic Dog Food? Is it Beneficial?

The Importance Of Organic Dog Food Explained | Innovet Pet

Knowing what makes organic dog food healthy is imperative. Being informed means that you know as much as you can about the things you buy or use. So we want to explain why organic dog food is beneficial to pets.

First of all, the downfalls of consuming foods with GMOs have been gone over in detail above. They are genetically modified and are generally not proven to be safe. Also, non-quality foods have artificial fillers that can be unhealthy and they serve no purpose. Artificial fillers are sometimes chemicals that the body does not need and cannot process naturally. This can cause gastric distress and stomach upset in humans and in our precious four-legged friends. 

It is imperative for pet parents to remember that a dog's diet can directly affect their health. Dogs with a poor diet can have a wide variety of troubling health issues. They can develop obesity, just like humans, and get diseases that come from obesity. Dogs can get diabetes and high blood pressure. A dog being overweight can be hazardous to their health in other ways as well. Dogs that are obese or overweight have problems with mobility. It can affect their ability to walk and run as they might if they did not have a weight problem. Pet owners that have overweight dogs may notice that they are slower to get up, do not have much energy, and are less willing to play or run outdoors. Thankfully, an overweight dog does not have to stay overweight.

Organic Food for Digestive Health in Dogs

Pet parents will likely see a change for the better in their dog's digestive health by giving them an organic diet. Organic dog food is beneficial for dogs in that they eliminate the unnecessary chemicals and additives that are found in regular dog food. This makes it possible for the dog to have healthier stools and better digestion and gut health.

Organic dog food is good for lessening any diarrhea or constipation issues that pets are having. Pet parents that have a dog with digestive issues will hopefully see that their dog is doing better after consuming an organic dog food diet for a short period of time. The lack of chemicals, fillers, and additives will likely make the biggest difference in their digestive health. Also, the quality ingredients that are put in organic dog food will help with their vitamin and mineral levels. This could help with lethargy and lack of energy. Pet parents may notice that their dogs have more energy throughout the day.

Organic Dog Food For Weight Reduction

Dogs that are overweight can benefit from an organic dog food diet. A dog that is overweight losing some of their body fat can help with a reduction in health problems. Overweight dogs often can't move as well and they may have life-threatening health conditions. Reducing their weight with an organic diet is possible. An organic diet has less fillers and chemicals and more vitamins and minerals. It also contains high quality ingredients that are beneficial for gut health and digestion.

A dog that loses weight can see an improvement in their health conditions overall. Dogs can also have improved mobility. Elderly dogs that are overweight could especially benefit from an organic dog food diet. Improved mobility is crucial for elderly dogs so that they can get around independently and engage in exercise.

Dog Allergies Improved With Organic Dog Food

Canines can have allergies. Pet parents that have dogs with allergies likely know all too well how concerning that can be. Dogs can be allergic to foods, allergens, and chemicals. Giving a dog with allergies an organic dog food diet can drastically increase their chances for improvements in their allergy condition.

Organic dog foods eliminate the chemicals that are in most commercial dog foods. Food allergies are just as real in canines as they are in humans. Eliminating the chemicals from their foods can help tremendously with food allergies. Organic dog food only contains natural ingredients and that can eliminate virtually all food allergies. There is a high likelihood that dogs that have food allergies will experience a vast improvement or total resolution of their issues.


Interestingly, an organic diet may eliminate skin irritations and allergies. Sometimes, foods are what is causing skin reactions in dogs. Their skin issues could improve or resolve themselves after administering an organic diet and eliminating any of the processed foods that they used to eat.

Additionally, a large portion of dogs of many breeds suffer from allergies. There are certain breeds that are more prone to having allergies to foods and allergens. Also, there are breeds that have a lot of skin allergies and other issues. An organic diet can help dogs that belong to breeds that are more susceptible to allergies and give pet owners some relief from having an ailing pet that isn't feeling as well as they should.

Dog Immunity Improvements with Organic Diet

Having poor gut health or a lack of vitamins and minerals can compromise a dog's immune system. Gut health has been shown to have a direct impact on immunity in scientific and medical research. A lack of vitamins and minerals can affect overall health and compromise immunity as well. An organic diet of dog food can increase their vitamins and minerals, improve their gut health, and give them a more efficient immune system. Canines need strong immune systems to fight disease and bacteria just as a human does. A strong immune system is crucial for fighting disease and bad bacteria and that is certainly true for a canine that is vulnerable. Some dogs are from breeds that are more susceptible to certain diseases and bacteria. This means that pet parents must be increasingly vigilant of how their canine's health is faring at all times. Their diet can play a vital role in keeping their immune systems in as good a condition as possible.

Increased Canine Energy Levels

The Importance Of Organic Dog Food Explained | Innovet Pet

Dogs that have been eating a poor diet sometimes have lethargy and low energy levels. This makes sense because poor diets often have insufficient minerals and vitamins. That can certainly affect energy levels. Giving them an organic diet with high quality ingredients that contain sufficient vitamins and minerals can increase their energy levels and eliminate most or all of the lethargy that they experience.

Zero Animal By-Products

Just like organic foods for humans, organic dog food contains zero animal by-products. The same cannot be said for commercial dog food. Commercial dog food contains by-products from animals along with a list of other unsavory ingredients. Organic dog food contains natural ingredients that are found in nature and are not modified.

Dog Foods Without Grains

Some pet owners may not want to give their dog a high grain diet. Grains are not inherently bad in and of themselves. There are many healthy grain products that contain natural grains with no additives or preservatives. Also, grains are a type of food that must be eaten in moderation as they are high in carbohydrates. High carbohydrate diets are typically not healthy for pets. Healthy grain products will often be noticed by their appearance and their list of ingredients. Products that contain very few ingredients are often the ones that are not processed or only minimally processed. Looking at the ingredient list can be a powerful tool in determining whether or not a food is healthy or not. Keeping in mind that the fewer ingredients listed the less that it is processed can be very helpful in determining whether a product is healthy enough for a pet that needs it. Non-organic grain-filled dog food can have a lot of additives. One of those additives is known as mycotoxin.

What Is Mycotoxin?

Mycotoxin is an additive found in some processed dog foods. It is a byproduct of fungus or mold and can be very toxic. Mycotoxins are found in a huge amount of processed foods that are sold and that people regularly eat. Foods that contain barley, wheat, and other grains often contain mycotoxins.

The danger of mycotoxins come from regular consumption of foods containing them. Foods containing mycotoxins are legal and the FDA allows a certain amount of them in various foods. For example, they allow a staggeringly high amount to be sold in commercial dog foods that are not organic and are often heavily processed.

Side effects of regular consumption of mycotoxins can be medical issues within the body that affect major organs such as the heart, kidneys, brain, and more.

CBD Oil For Dogs For Improved Health

CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet
An up and coming product for pet parents to utilize in their arsenal for improved health in pets is CBD. CBD is cannabidiol and it is used for a variety of medicinal purposes. Studies have shown that CBD can improve quite a few health issues. It has been proven to help with everything from anxiety and depression to nausea and inflammation. These medical benefits can be found in canines and all types of pets.

Innovet offers plenty of CBD Products and can be purchased for use to help with dogs that need boosted immunity and help with health issues. It can be conveniently applied to their food or treats for easy consumption. There is absolutely zero THC and therefore no chance that your furry friend will have any type of “high”. It is simply an organic and natural product that allows for health benefits to be enjoyed and with no side effects that pet parents have to stress on.

What Does A USDA Organic Label Mean?

A label that says “USDA Organic” means that it fits within the USDA's guidelines of what is organic. It must be at least 95% organic or more to be eligible for the seal. It must not contain additives or chemicals and cannot be processed in ways that many food processors do. The other five percent must only contain ingredients that are approved by the USDA.

Pet parents can look for the “USDA Organic” label if they feel compelled. However, there are still viable options that do not contain that label. This simply means that if the label is not present, pet parents will need to research the product and read the ingredients themselves. Looking for products that are organic and that have an ingredients list that matches that list will be the best way for pet parents to ensure that their little furry friend is getting the very best for their overall well-being.

Final Thoughts of Organic Dog Food

Here at Innovet Pet, we know that pet parents only want what is best for their pet. Dogs are called man's best friend and for very good reason. They can be some of the most loyal and loving parts of a person's life and often spend many years with a family. A pet's diet is one of the many concerns that pet parents are often concerned about. There are many options available for pet parents. An organic dog food diet is an option that is available for pet parents that want their dogs to have food that is not processed and contains only natural ingredients. It is imperative to speak with a vet about any diet changes or for any questions that you may have about the health of your precious pet.


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