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5 Great Dog Breeds for Travelers

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5 Great Dog Breeds for Travelers

To a homebody, owning a dog doesn’t have to require the most drastic of lifestyle changes. In fact, if all you ever want to do on weekends is stay within a few-mile radius of your abode, then having a four-legged friend to keep you company can actually be both entertaining and relaxing. You have a built-in friend to sit back and watch TV with every night. You have a pet to take care of and some responsibilities to fill your day with. You have a hiking partner on weekends or a reason to rush home after work for a nice hour-long walk at sunset. And let’s not forget the fact that you’re never coming home to an empty home, with an excitable pup anxious to greet you every morning and every evening.

But what if you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like staying in any one place for too long? What if your idea of a fun weekend isn’t unwinding with a quiet Saturday in the neighborhood, rather it’s a road trip or even a quick flight out of town? Surely, you’re not a dog person if this you, right? Caring for a dog comes with a lot of responsibility and I can vouch that my own affinity toward weekend getaways makes the thought of having a dog at home feel more like an anchor than a warming “welcome home” doormat. Simply put, if you don’t spend a lot of time at home, adopting a dog can seem out of the question. And for some of us, that’s true. But truth be told, there are certain dog breeds that fit the on-the-go lifestyle of the right constant traveler — whether it’s work that keeps you on the road or you just have a hunger for exploring.

So if you’re a road trip regular, one of these breeds might actually be a good fit for you:

Golden Retriever

Big surprise here, right? The Golden Retriever tops a list that requires some level of an agreeable personality. Goldens are friendly, they’re smart, they’re playful, and honestly, they’re just all around happy animals. You can count on a Golden Retriever to be up for just about any activity or lifestyle you throw at them so long as they get to do it with you, so why should a four-hour drive to go camping be any different? Or a long drive to visit family? Some dogs aren’t going to be great road trip partners in crime simply because they’ll get moody or sluggish when you’re on the go, which are two things you’d probably never see out of any Golden Retriever. These canines are active and need plenty of exercise anyway, so anything you can think up to get them out and about is going to be just fine by them.

Labrador Retriever

Much like Goldens, these dogs are good to have by your side on trips because they’re great overall companions. One thing to consider, however, is that they don’t do well when left alone for too long. This means if you’re a Lab owner and you spend a lot of time away from home, you should probably plan on having that pup with you as much and as often as possible. Hiking, being outdoors and exploring, and exerting all that pent up energy will help them release any pent up energy they’d otherwise take out on your living room furniture if you’d left them home alone.


One of the most obvious and distinctive characteristics of a Chihuahua is well, their size. One of the smallest breeds in the world, we’ve all seen our fair share of Chihuahuas toted around in strollers, in handbags, and tucked under the arms of their owners. For those with a Chihuahua as an emotional support dog, they can easily jump onboard a flight and stay put in your lap the entirety of your trip without any extra accommodations necessary. The American Kennel Club describes Chihuahuas as having a highly adaptable demeanor, meaning you can keep them with you in a number of different environments and they’ll adjust well socially and emotionally. All this just as long as you keep giving them plenty of attention because Chihuahuas tend to be very attached to their owner.

French Bulldog

Frenchies are a popular breed for a number of reasons. One, they’re undeniably cute, and much of that cuteness is owed to their personality. Often full of life and energy, Frenchies will keep their owner entertained in or out of the house without every becoming fussy or ill-tempered. They tend to adjust well to being around other people, which is good considering that bringing a French Bulldog into any room is guaranteed to invite new friends eager to meet your pup.

If your type of traveling is a visit to the city, for example, then a French Bulldog is a good companion to have by your side. Just like the Chihuahua, they’re small enough to bring just about anywhere you go, and whether you’re getting there by car or by plane probably won’t make much difference. While they can get a bit hyper and excitable they’re not the most active dogs; they wouldn’t be your first pick for a weekend camping trip, a long day of hunting, or going for a long run. They’re often fine with keeping indoors, getting a touch of exercise throughout the day, and getting out for a regular daily walk. Beyond that, they’re perfectly content to tag along for things like sidewalk cafe lunches, shopping, and a quick and easy car ride.

Great Dane

On the exact opposite end of the size spectrum is the Great Dane. This dog isn’t going to be sitting at your feet on a cross country flight and you certainly won’t be tucking one into your handbag like a Chihuahua.

These dogs are so agreeable and often calm, however, that if you’re a road trip regular with a large enough car then a Great Dane will probably gladly join you. They’re just great company and they love to be outdoors, making them good partners for people who like to spend their weekends outdoors as well.

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