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From Sugar the Retriever

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From Sugar the Retriever

Keep Your Dog’s Ears Clean With All

The number one reason I go to the vet often is due to ear infections, which typically flares up during changes in season. When I get an ear infections it is icky, painful, and very uncomfortable. Regular ear cleaning once or twice a week has been very helpful. We are always on a look out for new natural preventive ear washes and cleaners. Golden Happy that Innovet, the maker of all natural PurOtic ear cleaner offered me a sample to try.

I’ve been using PurOtic Extra Strength for the past 5 weeks. Golden LOVE it! When I went to the vet last week, not for an ear infection, my vet was so surprised how my Golden ears were amazingly clean and clear. I attributed PurOtic for my vet’s compliments.

PurOtic is made up of all natural ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil and Eucalyptus Oil. It is alcohol and sulfate free. It cntains a Bio-degradable emulsifier, used in the emergency to remove impacted ears in infants. This makes PurOtic superior at removing debris and breaking up wax. What’s amazing is its long silicone applicator which makes it a breeze and safer to get the solution into my ear. PAWsomely smells Golden Refreshing and Clean too. PurOtic comes in extra strength, regular strength and an ear dryer. For more information and video demonstration, I invite you to check out Innovetpet.com website

For more information or to order click here

If your dog suffers from ear infection, I invite you to try PurPtic. I give PurOtic 4 Golden Paws. It will be an ear cleaner that I will definitely continue to use.

Lots of Golden Thanks Innovet Pet.

Disclaimer:  Innovet provided Sugar to try PurOtic. Golden Woofs was not compensated for this post review. Golden Woofs does not endorse products that we don’t feel confident in using ourselves.  We are sharing PurOtic by Innovet as we think it is something our readers might be interested in using.

Lots of Golden Love N woofs 


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