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What Is PurOtic Ear Dryer?

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What Is PurOtic Ear Dryer?

Posted by Michael Jones on
Updated at: February 26, 2021

PurOtic is a great product designed for dogs, borne from a need that was personal. You see, the boss’ dog, a Labrador retriever named Maximus, had chronic ear infection issues. The poor guy had to have his ears washed out and cleaned constantly, but all of the products on the market have alcohol in them. These stung and made his ears hurt worse because they were already irritated. He hated the experience. It was heartbreaking to see a dog already miserable to have to go through that. In fact, he’d run the bottle was brought out.

Inspired By Maximus | Innovet Pet

To make matters worse, the products didn’t even come with an applicator that helped you get the solution in the ear where the problem was. When the bottle was in sight, he was already trying to dodge the solution.  After you attempted to sneak up on him, he realized what was happening and It was impossible to get the solution in his ears.

Instead, part of it ended up all over you, right?

So we created a natural ear cleaner/drying solution with silicone tips that can be inserted safely and easily, right into the ear. The bottle is designed to be used upright, with a trigger that makes it so much easier and accurate. The silicone tips are flexible so they won’t hurt, even if your dog shakes his head with the tip still in his ear. It will flex.

The solution doesn’t sting either because it is made from all-natural ingredients without alcohol. PurOtic Ear cleaner was designed with Maximus in mind but it benefits all dogs and their owners.

Benefits of Natural Ingredients

What Is PurOtic Ear Dryer? | Innovet Pet

So many products include ingredients that you can’t pronounce, much less know what they are unless you’ve got a degree in chemistry or biological sciences. There are stabilizers emulsifiers, synthetic preservatives and more. The average person has no idea what any of these chemicals do, much less how they are even pronounced. That means that whether you are using something that is to be ingested, or used topically, you’ll really have no idea of the effects it could have on the body.

This also goes for the products being used on your pet. You don’t know if that skin ointment is going to sting or if they lick it, will it still be safe? What sort of side-effects may come from its use? Just like the ear wash that stung poor Maximus’ ears, you could be causing your own dog more discomfort when all you really want to do is help him. This makes us feel awful because we love our pets. It’s only natural that we want to do better.

This is why so many people are turning to simple products with all-natural ingredients that they can pronounce. In many cases, you’ve already heard of the ingredients in the natural products you buy. This makes you more confident right from the start.

Chemicals can be harmful when used frequently. We are all becoming more and more aware of this and steering clear of them where we can. There are now many alternatives making their way to the market, but this is our first ear wash for ear infections/drying that you can feel confident to use, knowing that there is no stinging alcohol of any type that will cause more irritation to an already tender inner ear canal.

When it doesn’t hurt, your dog will be less likely to put up a fight, making it so much easier to use the solution, which has a pleasant smell as well. No perfumes and added dyes, just a naturally fresh and clean smell.

Alcohol lurks in many products, using names that you aren’t familiar with. Avoid things that end in ‘-ol’ such as propylene glycol. There is a good chance this is a form of alcohol that is being used as a drying agent. As you may know, alcohol dries rapidly in the air. Sadly, it also stings and it can also dry out the skin. It pulls natural oils right out of the skin, stripping the ear of necessary wax and irritating the tissues, which can exacerbate the ear issues for some dogs.

If your dog is having chronic issues with infected ears, it really might be time for you to move to a natural product. It is also simply easier and less costly to treat your dog at home, rather than paying an enormous bill each time you go to the veterinarian.

PurOtic Ingredients

What Is PurOtic Ear Dryer? | Innovet Pet

PurOtic ear solutions are formulated with only the purest essential oils that have been proven effective for their antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, pain-relief, and bacteria-fighting capabilities.

Here is a list of the active ingredients found in PurOtic.

  • Tea Tree Oil - Proven natural antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral qualities.
  • Lavender Oil - Broad-based antiseptic and pain reliever.
  • Eucalyptus Oil - Natural pain reliever.
  • Docusate Sodium US Pharmaceutical Grade - Biodegradable emulsifier that is superior at removing debris and breaking up wax. It is used in ER medicine to remove impacted ears in infants.

An added benefit is that this formula smells incredibly nice without added perfumes, dyes or chemicals. You can cuddle with your furry pal without worrying about what you are exposing yourself to, or your children, as well. No one wants to find out that a chemical they’ve been treating their dog’s ears with has caused a rash on their two-year-old’s face because she has a reaction to one of the ingredients. You want to be able to snuggle with your dog any time and not be fearful of what you could be touching. Worse yet, he’s possibly spreading those harmful chemicals all over the house.

This product’s ingredients are natural oils that you can find anywhere, with a safe form of sodium (salt) to help dry the ears without the irritation of alcohol. Salt is essential to the body in small amounts and saline is merely a water/sodium mixture that is used in hospitals and for first-aid. In fact, saline is added to the eyes and contact lenses are cleaned in the sterile saline wash. It does not sting. Don’t be worried about that.

Traditional Treatment for Ear Infections

Many times, when ear infections are chronic, there are underlying issues that are causing them. Many veterinarians will diagnose allergies as the root cause. When this happens, there is a high likelihood of your dog being prescribed steroids and anti-inflammatories.

Steroid use, in any form, is not good for the body. Steroids should be avoided whenever it is possible.

Side effects from steroid use include:

Short term use

  • Increased thirst
  • Frequent urination.
  • Increased hunger.
  • Panting.
  • Lethargy
  • Compromised immune system leading to more infections
  • Vomiting or nausea

Long term use

  • Increased risk of infection
  • Altered behavior, aggression
  • Stunted growth
  • Development of diabetes
  • Cushing's disease
  • Ulcers in the digestive tract
  • Slow healing 

When allergies are the culprit, treating the allergies, by doing all you can do to remove the allergens is important. Removing carpeting is a good start. It holds allergens of all sorts. Your dog may have food allergies that are leading the ear issues too. In fact, a lot of dogs suffer from food allergies and many times this shows up as chronic itches and ear infections.

Using the elimination diet that removes all regular foods and then slowly re-introduces them, while watching for irritation is the best way to do this and avoid costly testing. You might learn that some foods are not safe for your dog to eat as well. Steer clear of those.

Try adding some good probiotics to that diet that can help naturally with those ear problems too. A little yogurt added to their food -- plain Greek yogurt -- is a fine way to keep them in balance and looking forward to breakfast. Do be aware that some dogs are allergic to dairy foods, so be watchful. Benadryl is safe to give to dogs in the event that they react poorly to something.

Anti-inflammatory medications can cause upset stomachs and other problems. Some of them are pill forms which can be very hard to get dosed into your dog. I’ve found a pill on the floor long after I thought my dog had swallowed it. Using something like CBD oil to help fight inflammation is a natural alternative and it can be added right to their food. This makes your life much easier. You won’t have any issues with side effects from that either.

For the sake of comfort, ease, and spending less, treating your dog yourself is often the best course for many people. That’s one of the additional reasons we created PurOtic. You can also give dogs over the counter allergy medications -- Benadryl, Zyrtec, or even Claritin. Whatever you do, don’t use the “D” in any of these, that isn’t safe for animals. You just want the basic allergy med.

If you can eliminate the allergy cause, that’s even better and could save your dog a lifetime of having sad, sore ears. There are medical issues that can arise from chronic ear infections too. Let’s explore those.

Health Issues From Chronic Ear Infections

What Is PurOtic Ear Dryer? | Innovet Pet

First of all, any infection in the body is a form of inflammation which does have the ability to travel to other places. If you combine inflammation with a poor diet, it could be a recipe for disaster, physically. Inflammation causes aches and pains, as well as overall poor health.

If an infection in the ear is severe, it can cause nerve damage in the inner ear, which leads to deafness. If the infection gets so out of control, from lack of treatment, an inner ear ablation may be necessary, which will cause deafness as well, but stop the infection from running rampant in the head.

Infections can become so bad that the ear begins to ooze discharge. There may be black, tar-like residue visible just inside the ear, and there will be a sour, foul smell coming from the ear. Healthy dog ears do not smell bad. You should consider checking your dog’s ears on a weekly basis, just so you’ll know the moment there is an infection starting.

Infection that spreads in the body, a condition that we call sepsis, can reach the heart muscle and kill. It could reach any internal organs and damage it irreparably.

We understand that sometimes these issues are let go for two reasons:

  • People just don’t know enough information to realize there is a problem until it has gotten severe.
  • Financially, a trip to the veterinarian is just not in the budget, forcing them to choose to pay bills and take care of other things first.

Sadly, for the dog, this can mean misery and that’s why PurOtic was formulated to give you the ability to treat ear infections affordably, at home. With the patented silicone tip, anyone can do the job without fear of hurting their dog as well. You don’t have to have any special training to smell the foul smell of an ear infection brewing and you don’t need to be a vet tech to use the bottle with the silicone tip.

In fact, your dog would likely much rather have you do this at home than a perfect stranger at a place that smells like fear, sickness, and death. Remember that his nose is keen, up to ten-thousand times better than your sense of smell.

When other animals become nervous, they emit pheromones that can be smelled by other animals. This is one reason why so many animals lose their grip when you walk into the vet clinic.

This entire experience can be stressful for both you and your dog. PurOtic was designed with all of these things in mind, We wanted Maximus to feel relieved and relaxed, which is one of the things that led us to create PurOtic. Now your dog can reap the benefits.

Dogs That Can Benefit From PurOtic Drying Solution

Some dog breeds are more prone to ear issues, such as Basset Hounds, thanks to their long ears that don’t allow much airflow in the ear. That said, any dog can have problems with damp ears. That warm, moist environment is a breeding ground for bacteria. Keeping their ears dry is essential.

If your dog is scratching at their ears, it is a good sign that they itch and if they itch, it is the first sign of trouble. That’s the time to use the drying solution. Another way I’ve always known, in a multi-dog household, if one of my dogs has a stinky ear is that one of the other dogs will start trying to groom them and clean the ear for them. That’s also when you should take heed.

PurOtic Natural Ear Dryer for Dogs | Innovet Pet

If you have a dog that enjoys swimming at the lake or wades in their own splash pool, their ears may get wet and become inviting to bacterial growth. Yeast infections get started in this way. Using a PurOtic Drying Solution for water-loving dogs is a great idea. Lake water, river water, and any other sources of water found in nature can have bacteria growing in it. That bacteria will find its way into your dog’s ears. If the environment in the ears is warm and stays wet, it will promote growth. Soon, it turns into an infection.

Dogs that play hard and spend a lot of time outdoors can benefit from having their ears cleaned on a fairly consistent basis. You don’t want to do it too often because the wax in the ear gets flushed out and you want that in there. Wax helps to remove debris, but some dogs have too much wax as well.

It boils down to getting to know what is normal for your dog and keeping a schedule that works best for you and for his ears. Dogs are all different and some of them never have an issue with their ears and never really need them cleaned. Other dogs are just more prone to ear issues. It can be genetic but it can also just be your dog. 

The best way to know is to constantly check. Setting aside a day each week where you do groomings that include nail trimming and checking, paw checks for splinters and thistles, and ear checks are a great idea. This way, you’ll always know what is normal for your dog. Taking this time to massage them and feel them all over is good too. Not only is it a bonding experience, but it is also a way to know the instant that they’ve developed a lump that could be cancer or swelling from an injury.

Remember that your dog cannot tell you he isn’t feeling right or that he’s got a lump on his ribs or chest. He depends on you to find these things and have them checked. Ear infections are no different. Thanks to PurOtic, Maximus is enjoying much better days and we truly hope that your dog will as well. We’ve made it our mission to bring you a product that solved a problem in an affordable way. It’s important to have safe, natural, and affordable options for your dog’s care. 


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