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Your Dog Will Thank You

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Your Dog Will Thank You

Your Dog Will Thank You | Innovet Pet

How PurOtic ear cleaner is the easiest and most effective ear cleaner on the market; plus its 99%-100%natural.

Ear infections and ear parasites cause endless of hours of intense misery for your best friend.  Certain breeds are more susceptible to painful and irritating ear issues, but regardless of your canine's breed, any pet can become the victim of an ear mite infestation and infection and the resultant foul smell. As the parasites' saliva and debris irritate the ear canal, wax produced to sooth the irritation can easily build up. Without proper treatment, your pet suffers needlessly from the relentless itching and burning caused by these parasites and resultant wax build-up. Fortunately, we're proud to offer the easiest and best natural dog ear cleaner available on the market. 

If you detect a noxious odor from your dog's ears, notice frequent shaking of his head, or think your dog is experiencing loss of hearing, then it's time to look inside his ears. If you see dirt inside the ear flaps and ear canal, flea or ear mite infestation and resultant ear infection are the most obvious causes.  Previously, the only way to cure such an infection was an expensive visit to the veterinarian. However, with our 99% - 100% natural ingredients and easy-to-apply soft, silicon applicator tip, ear canal irrigation is easier than ever for pet parents. PurOtic Natural Ear Cleaner and PurOtic Extra Strength, created by veterinarian and health-care professionals, makes at-home pet care a breeze. Ben Franklin said it best, "An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure." Preventing ear infections saves you time and money, and best of all, your healthy, happy best friend will thank you with years of tail-wagging devotion!

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For more information on PurOtic ear cleaners for pets, click here. 

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