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A Little Sticker That Makes A Big Difference by Sandy Robins

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A Little Sticker That Makes A Big Difference  by Sandy Robins

Posted by Matt Terrill on
Updated at: April 06, 2021

A Little Sticker That Makes A Big Difference  by Sandy Robins | Innovet Pet

I really enjoy attending pet expos. Naturally, they are geared to learning about new products. But it’s also a wonderful opportunity to catch up with friends and make new ones.

I am not too sure who is more passionate about their pets, men or women. I have never seen a survey that answers this question but my guess is its equal. But I have to admit I am always intrigued to meet men who are passionate about their pets and truly ‘’nanny” them.

This year, while wandering the aisles at the Global Pet Expo in Florida, I got chatting to a young man named Matt Terrill. It turned out that his beloved dog Max developed Progressive Retinal Atrophy PRA, which rendered him blind at the age of seven.

Watching his blind dog navigate his way around relying totally on his sense of smell and hearing, led Matt to come up with an unique idea; he created a product called Tracerz, which are basically little stickers infused with a proprietary blend of essential oils, that can put placed around the home to guide a blind pets from room to room. Brilliant.Tracerz® Scent Markers for Blind Dogs - Helping Blind Dogs Navigate Again, there are no exact statistics, but its guestimated at approximately 300 000 dogs loose their vision in the US every year. Not to mention the number of cats that are also visually impaired.

Living with a blind pet is a whole different ball game. One has to be careful not to re-arrange furniture and behaviorists suggest walking up to them with a firm foot “tramp” and talking to them so that between the vibrations of your step and your voice, they have a better feel of their presence and surroundings. And a simple little sticker can really help make a difference too.

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