Having a Blind Dog is Not the End of Your Pup; They Can Still Function With Tracerz

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Posted by David Louvet on
Updated at: October 12, 2020


Considering the world from a blind dogs perspective is not an easy task but that is what the creator of Tracerz was able to accomplish. Dogs have highly a highly capable sense of smell. Tracerz utilizes the strengths of your blind dog by placing small adhesive patches scented with concentrated oils on obstacles around your house. To prevent your dog from running into coffee tables, or chairs, or anything you might see being a problem placing Tracerz on them grants your dog a sense of spacial awareness. Tracerz give your dog the ability to develop pathways to navigate through your home again.

The scents used in Tracerz are designed to be calming to your canine companion while not being easily confused with other household odors. The formula used in the design of Tracerz is capable of aiding your dog in navigating your house for up to 8 months. When placing Tracerz it is best to make sure they are close to level with your dog's head, and near areas where they tend to collide.

Tracerz are designed to aid your dog in finding their way. This product is capable of helping your canine friend develop confidence they have lost in themselves. Giving your pup a little piece of what they lost can be a rewarding gift for both yourself and them. Try and see the world from your blind canine's perspective. Would you want to feel that lost? Give your dog a sense of direction again. If you have questions about Tracerz, then please contact us today.

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