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Say Goodbye to Tear Stains with the Help of PurEyes Tear Stain Remover

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Say Goodbye to Tear Stains with the Help of PurEyes Tear Stain Remover

Is your dog developing dark red or brown circles underneath their eyes? Have you ever wondered how this can go away or be prevented? We can help answer any questions you have about these stain formations and can provide you a permanent solution.

There are several different reasons why tear stains will form underneath your dog’s eyes. The causes of this formation depend on several different factors. Removing these stains can sometimes be difficult depending on the intensity of the tear stains. Luckily, we’ve created a solution that can remove even the toughest stains.

Why Did We Create This Product?

This product is something we were incredibly excited to create as it means something special to us. Our bosses were proud parents to a bulldog named Gordo. Due to busy schedules, Gordo wasn’t given baths as much as needed. Because of this, he began to develop a skin condition that caused him to form dark spots underneath and around the area of his eyes.

Say Goodbye to Tear Stains with the Help of PurEyes Tear Stain Remover | Innovet Pet

Gordo’s parents used a cleaning solution in an attempt to make the dark spots disappear from under his eyes. This solution contained antibiotics as one of the core ingredients. The antibiotics were a temporary success, as they helped the dark circles quickly disappear from underneath Gordo’s eyes.

Unfortunately, his owners realized that if these antibiotics were regularly used on the dog for a long period of time, it could start to harm the pup’s liver. His parents didn’t want Gordo or any other dogs with this condition to experience any eventual harm from tear stain removers.

This is when PurEyes was born. They created an all-natural tear stain remover product that helped remove any stains that form around the dog’s eyes. Not only does it remove stains, but the all-natural ingredients won’t lead to any damages on any internal organs, unlike the harmful effects of antibiotics.

Reason why we created it is because our bosses had a bulldog named Gordo that wasn't always getting bathed regularly so he had a skin condition that would give him black dark spots under/near his eyes and the cleaning solution they used had antibiotics in it but over the long term use antibiotics would not be good on the dogs liver, so they created an all-natural product that would help take the stains out under his eyes

What is PurEyes Tear Stain Remover?

PurEyes Tear Stain Remover has been created to combat the tough tear stains that form on your dog’s face. What is it made of and how does it remove the stains? PurEyes tear stain remover is made of a combination of 100% natural ingredients that find the bacteria infection forming on your dog. Our tear stain removing solution will then find the root of this bacteria formation and efficiently remove it.

Many people become concerned that supplements claiming to be natural actually contain unnatural ingredients like antibiotics. This tear stain removing solution doesn’t contain any antibiotics, alcohol or sulfates.

If you’re nervous your dog will be reluctant to let you put anything on their face, you won’t have to worry when applying this under their eyes. Our formula contains a solution that helps you easily wipe the stain remover on the dog is one quick swoop. Soon enough, your dog has this solution on his or her face and is on their way to removing any excess staining under their eyes.

Additionally, your dog isn’t the only one who can benefit from using this handy solution. It also works on your feline friends and can help the tear stains disappear from their eyes quickly and painlessly and gently.

Is This Tear Stain Remover Safe For My Dog?

Since this solution doesn’t contain any unnatural or harmful ingredients, it’s 100% safe to apply to your dog. There are other tear stain removers out there that may claim to be both safe and effective, but PurEyes Tear Stain Remover is the only one true to our word. 

When applying this tear stain remover, your dog won’t experience any of the following:

  • Irritation
  • Leakage
  • Discharge

This is because the PurEyes Tear Stain Remover works fast to provide a gentle and natural solution that makes your dog’s eyes look and feel good as new. When using this tear stain remover, you’ll find it very simple to quickly apply it under your dog’s eyes.

This will come in handy as you and your dog won’t spend time struggling to uncomfortably apply the solution under their eyes. You’ll just simply swipe, then go about your day. It’s as simple as it sounds.

What Exactly Are Tear Stains?

It may seem like an obvious question, but it’s easy to not understand what exactly tear stains are. They are dark-colored circles that will form either directly beneath a dog’s eyes, or just around their eyes altogether. You’ll usually find discharge forming underneath their eye alongside the tear stains.

Tear stains will normally form due to a condition called epiphora. This is a health issue that develops from producing an excessive amount of tears. When this large tear amount forms out of your dog’s eyes, they sometimes have issues draining properly. This eventually causes the stain to form underneath their eyes.

When you notice the stains begin to turn a darker shade of red, this is because the pigment found in tears, called porphyrin, starts to spread underneath or around the eyes. This issue often occurs regularly on a daily or weekly basis. Other times, a dog can experience these tear stains off and on sporadically.

Sometimes, these stains are known to shift from a red to brown shade. If you see your dog’s eye stain start to turn brown, it could be due to a yeast infection. The consistent wetness and moisture given off from the constant amount of tears your dog has made will start to cause this yeast infection to form on the dog’s skin.

Causes of Tear Stains

We all know now that a tear stain will form due to excessive tears not draining properly, but what are the possible causes for a dog produces too many tears? There are different ways a dog can produce an unusually large amount of tears either chronically or all at once. There are also different medical reasons for how the tears can clog up.

Here are a few:

Say Goodbye to Tear Stains with the Help of PurEyes Tear Stain Remover | Innovet Pet
  • Past Eye Infections - If your dog recently experienced an eye infection and starts to develop a scar, this can clog your dog’s ducts and keep them from draining tears. This build-up can make stains form under the eye.
  • Being exposed to toxins - Anything toxic in the air can be harmful to your dog. Any smoke or dust that your dog is exposed to can irritate their eyes and cause them to produce stains.
  • Ingrown Eyelashes - These can form without any real cause or warning. When ingrown eyelashes form, they fail to keep your dog’s tears from overflowing and causing a stain around the eye.
  • Glaucoma - This condition causes different liquids and fluids to build up inside the eye. As it continues to build up, the optic nerve of your dog's eyes can become severely damaged.
  • Teething - This mainly happens to puppies. While they begin teething, the puppies will start to form large amounts of tears.
  • Ear infection - This usually only affects one eye. When a dog develops an ear infection, the eye located on the same side of the head as the infected ear will begin to tear up excessively.
  • Allergies - This is a fairly common cause. An allergic reaction stirring in your dog can force him or her to tear up a lot, which will cause regular stains to form.
  • Eye infection - If bacteria or viruses buildup in or around your dog’s eye, this can cause them to excessively tearing up.
  • Diet, anxiety or stress - Your dog has a tendency to become easily stressed out or anxious. This can be due to instances like separation anxiety, depression, unhealthy foods or more. This will cause them to produce more tears than usual.
  • Conjunctivitis - This causes the lining inside of your dog’s eye to inflame. Not only will your dog develop excessive tearing and stains, but they could also release the pus, discharge or mucus.
  • Inverted eyelids - This happens when a part of your dog’s eyelid becomes inverted. The inversion causes their lashes to rub up against their eyes, which makes the dog feel irritated. The constant irritation will cause them to blink more often, forming tears.

Breeds Prone to Developing Eye Stains

A lot of the causes for tear stains on dogs is due to the heredity and their specific breed. Many people will assume that white or lighter-colored dogs are more prone to developing tear stains. This only seems true because tear stains will show up more clearly on a white dog than it will a brown dog due to the dark color of the tear stains.

Darker coated dogs can also easily develop chronic eye stains.

Here are a few dog breeds that are known to develop chronic stains underneath or around their eyes:

  • Pekingese
  • Shih-Tzu
  • Pug
  • Maltese
  • Cocker Spaniels
  • Poodles
  • White Bischon Frise
  • English Bulldog

Some of these breeds are known to be brachycephalic. These types of dogs will have eye sockets that are incredibly shallow. This will cause a dog’s eyes to bulge and sometimes stay stuck open. The dog will have trouble closing their eyes often or even at all. This causes the dog to expose themselves to dryness and different irritants. These issues will force a dog to tear up excessively.

Ways to Prevent Tear Stains from Forming

Since there are many different causes of tear stains, you may be searching for a way to prevent these stains altogether. The search officially stops here.

Here are a few different lifestyle changes you can make to your pup’s routine to help potentially keep any stains from creeping under your dog’s eyes.

  • Proper grooming and hygiene - Your dog may have gorgeous fur. Oftentimes, that fur is known to grow quickly and in the most inconvenient places. When this fur begins to grow more and more, it can form around your dog’s eyes. This causes irritation and constant tears from your dog. Try to trim the excessive hair so that it doesn’t fall from your dog’s eyes. As an added bonus, keep this hair clean and washed well. Properly hygiene also keeps your dog’s skin from feeling irritated.
  • Give Them Filtered Water - Most dog parents assume pets have strong stomachs that are built to handle anything. Though their stomachs are strong, other parts of their bodies aren’t as tough. Filtered and pure water will help prevent your dog from making tears that are harmful to their body and cause stains.
  • Food Quality - Before feeding your dog, take a look at the different ingredients in their dog food. By reading the label, you can see what types of nutrients are found in your dog’s diet. Different chemicals like flavor additives and artificial colors can be incredibly unhealthy for your dog. This can cause them to produce harsh tear stains under their eyes.
  • Maintaining a Proper pH Balance - Many doctors have tested using different acids or other ingredients to better enhance the pH balance found inside of your dog. If you add certain ingredients like vinegar to your dog’s water every day, you can see longlasting and healthy effects for your pup. This helps give your dog more nutrients to their diet and properly balances the pH in their system. This increased amount of health can work to prevent any tear stains from forming on your dog.

Where Do I Apply Tear Stain Remover On My Dog?

When applying any type of tear stain remover, especially PurEyes Tear Stain Remover, you’ll want to use the recommended dosage listed on the bottle and apply it to the outside area of the dog’s eye. Don’t ever place the tear stain remover inside of the dog’s eyes.

Even if the tear stain remover does land in your dog’s eye, you’ll have nothing to worry about. The all-natural ingredients are gentle and shouldn’t hurt the inside of your dog’s eye. Try to refrain from letting any more of this stain remover enter your dog’s eye. We do understand accidents can happen though, that’s why we’ve created this stain remover with ingredients ready to handle this.

This cleaner will help dry any areas that contain a large amount of moisture and/or liquid. Included in the ingredients is an extract of herbal flowers. Once you apply this externally to your dog’s eyes on a regular basis, you’ll notice results within weeks or even days, depending on the severity of your dog’s tear stains.

We’ve noticed that other products make this same promise, but end up working a few months after you’ve regularly applied this remover to your dog’s face. We want to help you experience noticeable results quickly. Not only will this PurEyes Tear Stain Remover help your dog look a million times better than before, but they will no longer be feeling discomfort due to excessive moisture from tears.

Even if the tear stain remover happens to land on any other parts of your dog’s body during the application process, your dog should be safe from feeling any harm. These ingredients were made to keep your dog feeling safe.

So, they shouldn’t experience any type of pain on other parts of their body if the PurEyes tear stain remover happens to land on it. You can even apply it to other areas of the body that may have stains. There’s a good chance these stains can be removed by this solution.

You should be able to see noticeable differences soon. If your dog or cat has had tear stains for a while, it may take longer for this product to remove those stains. If they have been on your dog for a long amount of time, expect to see the stain last for approximately a month until it eventually vanishes completely.

Once applied, the pores on your dog will begin to effectively shrink. Then, you’ll notice your dog start to produce a smaller amount of tears than what you normally notice them produce. Keeping these tear ducts dry and moisture-free is key to keeping your dog from growing bacteria in his or her eye and producing any staining.

To apply this to your dog, grab a pad made of cotton or tissue paper. Then apply a swipe or two of this remover to the affected areas on your dog’s face. It shouldn’t take too long for you to apply this to your dog’s face. They may squirm at first, but the gentle formula should keep them from feeling any discomfort as you apply the all-natural solution.

Once applied, you’ll only need to consistently to your dog weekly or as otherwise specified if it’s listed on the stain remover bottle. You can keep the product sitting in your medicine cabinet or wherever else you choose to store your pet care products. There is no need to refrigerate this remover.

Reducing Tear Stains With PurEyes Tear Stain Remover

As a pet owner, you want your dog or cat’s comfort to be consistent every day. This is why you should make sure to rid their eyes of any tear stains forming underneath them. By keeping tear stains from developing with the PurEyes Tear Stain Remover, your furry friend will not just look great, but they will feel healthy and comfortable at all times.

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