How CBD Oil for Horses Can Improve Their Lives And Health

How CBD Oil for Horses Can Improve Their Lives And Health

Beloved pets and animals are very special to their owners. They are often loyal and amazing creatures that do nothing but bring joy to everyone around them. Horses are beautiful animals that are unique and strong. Unfortunately, even strong animals like horses can experience health problems. Just like us, they can have health issues at any age and at any time.

The type of health problems that a horse are multitude. Equines can have injuries due to the type of activities they do. For example, traveling in a trailer or having cracked hooves are types of injuries that are common in equines. Other health problems that they can have are anxiety, inflammation, and pain. There are also many more that they could possibly get.

These are creatures that are usually very active and energetic. It is easy to see how they could experience medical conditions. People that own horses probably have encountered a health issue or two with theirs over the years. Sometimes, these are medical conditions that are rather easy to contend with and they go away with proper treatment. However, some last for quite a while and can leave a horse in distress. Equine owners and handlers are often given medications from veterinarians to help. Sometimes, these things just don't do enough to give the horse relief. CBD full-spectrum oil can help horses that have a number of health issues.

Some people are still misinformed about CBD full-spectrum oil and what it does. This is understandable, as there isn't a ton of information out there. However, there are more and more studies from valid scientific sources that are showing that it is beneficial for a number of conditions in both animals and humans.

What Exactly Is CBD Full-Spectrum Oil For Horses?

CBD full-spectrum oil is derived from hemp extract. Hemp contains cannabinoids that work with the body's endocannabinoid system. CBD oil derived from hemp contains less than .3% THC and this means that there is no “high” experienced. In the United States, it is legal to use a product that contains less than .3% THC. This means it is perfectly legal to purchase and use CBD oil that has this level of THC. Equine owners do not need to worry about their horse getting high after consuming it. The benefits of CBD oil are for helping manage pain and other medical conditions.

How Does CBD Oil For Horses Work?

CBD oil for horses works through the endocannabinoid system in the body. Both humans and mammals share the same endocannabinoid system. There have now been numerous studies showing that the effects of CBD oil on the endocannibinoid system in the body are positive. It allows for the reduction of inflammation in the body and can lessen pain that many horses experience from conditions like arthritis, bone spurs, and cracked hooves. Interestingly, scientists have also found that CBD contains cancer-fighting properties. CBD has also been found to help with a plethora of other health conditions. For example, anxiety seems to be helped with the ingestion of CBD oil.

Horses that ingest CBD full-spectrum oil will work on the endocannabinoid system in their bodies and give them a chance to begin healing and experiencing those effects rather quickly. Some horses may have a noticeable improvement in a matter of days or weeks.

What Are The Benefits of CBD Oil For Horses?

Horses can benefits from CBD oil in a variety of ways. First of all, it is excellent for pain. Equines can experience pain for many different reasons. It could be a muscle injury, arthritis, or any other health condition that causes a horse to have pain. The benefits of reducing pain are amazing. Your horse could experience very little or no pain at all if they ingest CBD full-spectrum oil.

Equine CBD For Inflammation and Pain

Many horses have inflammation of the joints. The pain that comes from inflammation can be immense. You will often be able to notice the inflammation in their joints by sight. For example, they may have uncharacteristic swelling and redness at the site. They may also move with a slight limp or sluggishness. Joint pain can be reduced dramatically with CBD oil for horses.

If you have horses that are out running around a lot, this could really be helpful. Also, if your horses are susceptible to injury, it could also be helpful to keep around. Old injuries sometimes flare up in equines and this could help provide relief and a reduction of inflammation. Show horses are at a much higher risk for inflammation and ligament injuries. As a matter of fact, most show horses have had some type of ligament or muscle injury. This means that they are far more likely to develop pain and inflammation that becomes long-term. The long-term stiffness and pain can be a drain on their quality of life. This is a situation that would be ideal for equine CBD use. Numerous studies show that it helps dramatically with inflammation in many cases.

Horses that have severe pain and inflammation are more likely to die earlier than they otherwise would have. This is because they become withdrawn, they don't move around as much as they need to for exercise, and their health declines rapidly. Equines with severe pain and inflammation that are given CBD oil may be able to live longer and have far less pain.

CBD Oil For Equine Anxiety and Stress

Equine anxiety and stress happens. Like any person or animal, a horse can get anxious and stressed. For example, some horses are extremely anxious about traveling in a trailer. Transporting horses in a trailer is often something that cannot be helped. It is the most common way of transporting horses from one place to another. Unfortunately, some horses get so anxious about going in a trailer that it is really hard to get them inside to travel. They may kick, sweat, or simply refuse to move. This is a situation where giving them CBD oil for equine anxiety and stress can be very beneficial. They can become calmer before a trip and make it easier for everyone involved in the transporting process.

There are many other situations and reasons that a horse may get stress or anxiety. CBD oil can really make a big difference in their mood and overall health. After all, an overly stressed and anxious horse can become sicker and sicker with time. Many lose their appetites when they are anxious and this can further affect their health. CBD oil for equine anxiety and stress can definitely be beneficial for their overall health and well-being.

It can also help them with their appetites. CBD has been shown in studies to increase appetite in cancer patients and also to decrease nausea. This is amazing news and is why it can be used in horses that have  lost their appetite or are experiencing nausea.

Equine CBD Oil For Horses With Cancer

Sadly, horses can get cancer. Cancer is certainly a scary disease. Equine owners that have a horse that has been diagnosed with cancer are obviously going to be very concerned. The first thing to do is get them to a veterinarian that can help with diagnosis and treatment options. Cancers can be treated in horses in many cases when caught early. Veterinarians will sometimes recommend laser surgery or a form of chemotherapy for equine cancer.

Horses going through cancer treatment often experience the same side effects that humans do. Lack of appetite and nausea are two very common side effects of cancer treatment. CBD oil has been proven to help with the loss of appetite and nausea that are experienced during treatments. Studies have shown increased appetite and a significant decrease in nausea in cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy. Equine CBD oil for horses with cancer can help with the nausea, the loss of appetite, and more. CBD oil can also help with the pain that is experienced. It even contains properties that fight cancer cells within the body and this has been shown in medical studies by reputable sources. The benefits of giving CBD oil for horses to equines fighting cancer are huge and not to be underestimated. Owners of horses with cancer will likely notice a huge improvement in their overall health in a short period of time.

CBD Oil For Grooming Horses

Some horses despise getting groomed. They don't like being touched, having their manes brushed, and other aspects of grooming. Many get extremely moody or won't be still enough to adequately get the job done right. CBD oil can help them relax and remain calm for the grooming process. After all, no one wants their beautiful horse to get tangles in their mane or have bad hygiene. Grooming is a vital part of being an equine owner. It keeps your horse healthy and hygienic. Tangled manes are a huge problem and can lead to other issues. If your horse hates getting groomed, then you likely understand exactly what it is like to groom them and how difficult it can really be to get everything done right. CBD oil for horse grooming can help in relaxing them enough to properly maintain their hygiene and health in the way that they deserve.

Also, horses that are being given new horse shoes can sometimes get very anxious. They get very nervous about their hooves being touched and they sometimes feel discomfort during the process of getting them put on. It is easy to understand why an equine might get agitated. Giving a horse CBD oil before getting new horse shoes applied may be a good idea. After all, they need the new horse shoes for their own health and well-being. So, giving them this product before application can make things go a lot smoother and give your horse the opportunity to get new shoes applied when they are very needed.

CBD Oil For Horses To Assist in Veterinary Appointments

Veterinary appointments can sometimes be a nightmare for horse owners. Some horse owners have to worry about getting the horse into the trailer, getting them out of the trailer, and then getting them to sit still and remain calm for a veterinary exam. This can be amazingly stressful for both the horse and the horse owner. It is definitely not an ideal situation for a horse that needs a prompt vet appointment for their health.

Giving horses CBD oil for veterinary appointments can really benefit both the equine and the owner. The horse needs to be evaluated and checked for their own well-being. The horse owner needs to be able to transport them safely and have them remain calm while the veterinarian is evaluating them. CBD oil can really help with getting the horse to and from the appointment and enhance their ability to be evaluated by the vet effectively.

There are now even veterinarian offices that offer CBD oil for pets. This means that it is becoming more accepted in the mainstream of society and even among veterinarians that work with animals every single day in a professional setting. Equine owners that are dubious about CBD oil and its purported benefits can look to this fact and be pleasantly surprised. More and more veterinarians are accepting of CBD oil as a therapeutic alternative to help horses manage with a variety of conditions.

CBD Oil For Equine Training

Training an equine is a huge commitment for both the horse and the trainer. It often takes months to properly train a horse. Some equines are very resistant to training and are very stubborn. Horse trainers know this very well. It can be quite the challenge to train a stubborn horse that just wants to run away and bucks and resists at every turn.

CBD oil for equine training is a great option. They can be given CBD oil to help calm them and give them less stress and anxiety about a training session. After all, equine training is for the benefit of the horse as much as it is for the owner. They need to be able to do certain activities to be cared for and this is why training is so important.

A form of horse training is to train a horse to allow people to ride them. Horseback riding is the more common term for this. Teaching a horse to be manageable for riding is a lot of hard work. They must be come used to being handled by people, having a saddle on their body, and being ridden for miles. It takes time and training for a horse to become used to this. Many horses are hesitant when this part of training starts. Giving CBD oil to horses that are anxious about training may really go a long way toward calming them and giving them the opportunity to become trained in the way that they need. Many horses bond with their trainers after a time and with their owners when they are being ridden and cared for. This is why training is so imperative and why CBD oil for equine training can make a big difference in the entire process for everyone, especially the horse.

How Do I Give My Horse CBD Oil?

Several methods can be used to give a horse CBD oil. It can be applied onto the tongue using a dropper or a syringe. It can also be applied onto their feed directly. There are also products that are edible for horses that contain CBD within them. Any of these methods can be used. Finding the right method will depend on the horse and the horse owner.

Most companies that sell CBD oil for horses offer instructions on how much to give your horse. The amount given to the horse will typically depend on their weight and their health conditions. It is important to get accurate instructions before giving this to your horse. Fortunately, CBD oil has no serious side effects that horse owners have to deal with.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil For Horses?

The question of where to buy CBD oil for horses is a crucial one. After all, there are many companies that sell CBD. Buying CBD oil for horses from a reputable source is highly important. It is imperative to buy from a company that is reputable and has good reviews from trusted sources. Knowing others have used the product successfully is vital. It should also be verified that it contains less than .3% THC as that is the legal requirement in the United States. Also, buying from a company that sells CBD oil for horses specifically is an excellent idea. This is because they are specially formulated for equines.

CBD Oil for HorsesCBD Oil For Horses can be purchased from Innovetpet and is specially formulated with horses in mind. It contains less than .3% THC, is derived from hemp extract, and is organically made. It is a chemical-free, side-effect free product that can be used safely and effectively for aiding in a variety of ailments, symptoms, and issues in equines. Horses that experience pain, anxiety, inflammation, and more can seek relief with CBD and begin reaping the benefits of it right away.




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