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Why We Created Our Hemp Hard Chews and Hemp Soft Chews For Dogs

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Why We Created Our Hemp Hard Chews and Hemp Soft Chews For Dogs
The hemp dog treats were initially created because of Gordo. Knowing that a dog his size needed a more convenient method of delivery for CBD oil, Dave and Matt realized that dog treats with CBD incorporated within it would be so much easier, especially when on the go. They could be taken along on any outing and make administering the CBD easy and simple.

The guys knew it would be perfect for any dog like Gordo but then they realized that their sweet little chihuahua, Pearl, would not be able to benefit because she had very brittle teeth and could only eat soft foods. She couldn’t even eat the tiniest pieces of dry kibble anymore. They wanted something that Pearl could enjoy and also be able to take doses of CBD that would help her discomfort with her teeth and also supplement her health as she aged. Everyone knew that products for a small dog like Pearl meant that they had to be soft and chewy treats. Hemp Soft Chews for Dogs were born as a result of this realization.

What Are Hemp Treats And Hemp Soft Chews For Dogs?

Why We Created Our Hemp Treats and Hemp Soft Chews For Dogs | Innovet Pet

Getting dogs to take medicine is typically a task that results in messes, wrestling them down, having liquids slung all over us, and forcing pills down their throat, holding their mouth shut and hoping they swallow - only to watch them vomit it back up in just a few moments. Admit it, you have been through this. Perhaps you have that dog; the one who will trick you every single time and you find the pill on the floor later, or catch him spitting it back out as he walks away from you.

It’s just not fun and we knew that being pet owners ourselves. Matt and Dave have had many rescue dogs over the years and this task is the most difficult and they knew it. They set out to ensure that CBD could be given without any issues at all. All dogs love treats and most dogs actually really like the taste of hemp.

The Hemp Treats and Soft Chews are both made with quality ingredients that dogs love. Organic hemp is the top ingredient. This is important. Many companies will label their products as ‘hemp’ this or that, when in reality. There is very little hemp in the product at all. Ours is predominantly made of hemp.

You will note that our bag explicitly states that our treats contain PCR Hemp that is organic. This PCR stands for Phytocannabinoid Rich. Let’s talk about phytocannabinoids for a moment. Phyto simply means plant. Therefore a phytocannabinoid is one that comes from a plant. Cannabinoids can come from within the body itself and those are called endocannabinoids, with endo meaning inside, or within.

When a CBD oil is extracted from hemp, it can be extracted in several different ways and some of these allow for more of the cannabinoids within the plant to find their way into the extracted solution. CBD is only one of 112 different phytocannabinoids. Science is finding that the other cannabinoids also have a very important impact on health. In fact, when they are combined with each other they provide something called the entourage effect. This simply means that when together, they provide a team effort.

Many of the other phytocannabinoids have been proven to also have positive health benefits and when they are introduced into the body, along with the CBD, they are able to support the effort of CBD and also provide their own benefits. Therefore, it’s a very beneficial thing to have a PCR oil that will provide all possible benefits for the best outcome and impact on health.

Our products are all-natural and each ingredient is clearly labeled on the bag, as well as clear instructions to provide you with a guideline for dosage, depending upon the size of your dog. You can choose from flavors such as Steak and Cheese, Maple Back and Berry, or Salmon and Sweet Potato. They are all packed with vitamins and minerals designed to act as a supplement to their nutrition.

CBD also works to help the body process and use these vitamins and minerals, so by adding them to the treats, it’s a perfect storm, so to speak. CBD helps to boost the body’s metabolism and immune system functions, and the nutrients in the treats are right there to provide the necessary energy to do the work and boost the body’s energy as a powerful fuel source.

To top it off perfectly, they taste delicious. Dogs will push each other out of the way to get to the treats. We know, we’ve seen it happen. It would be useless to make this wonderful supplemental treat if they didn’t want to eat it, so we understood that in the formulation, taste played a key role. The ball was hit out of the park. Our dogs have told us so.

How Do These Treats and CBD Work?

This is a great question and there is certainly a lot of confusion for people about CBD. This is an opportunity to answer your question and clear some of the misinformation up. Let’s start with what CBD actually is.

CBD is an acronym that stands for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a phytocannabinoid that is found in cannabis plants. Cannabis plants include hemp as well as marijuana. CBD for the purposes of making CBD oil products that are sold over-the-counter in all fifty states is extracted from hemp. Hemp is naturally low in THC, another cannabinoid that is the psychoactive compound in marijuana that makes your high. In fact, it’s so low in hemp that it is less than .03%, which is not enough to cause your pet to get high - or you.

There are phytocannabinoids in other plants as well, not just cannabis. In fact, you consume phytocannabinoids from your diet rather frequently. Chocolate contains phytocannabinoids in the form of anandamide, which is found in cacao. Incidentally, anandamide is also one of the endocannabinoids produced naturally within the body (we’ll get into that in a moment).

CBD is a cannabinoid that is found only in cannabis plants and in no other plant on the planet, at least that we are aware of at this time. Science, my friends, is self-correcting. If CBD is found elsewhere, science will happily tell us all. Trust us on this. For now, cannabis is the only place to find it and CBD and THC have received the most research so far, but the other cannabinoids are now being learned about as well. CBDV, for example, has many positive attributes that may lead to more understanding.

Science has made it possible to begin extracting and singling out individual cannabinoids and to formulate CBD oils with more or less of certain other cannabinoids. Stay tuned on this because it is going to help pinpoint benefits for many people and pets who suffer from specific conditions.

Back to our treats that phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR), they are chocked full of several different cannabinoids besides CBD, ensuring that dogs get the benefits of many other cannabinoid molecules that help the CBD go to work in the body.

The way in which this happens is difficult to explain unless we teach you about the Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Remember the mention of anandamide being an endocannabinoid, created within the body? It is a part of the ECS, which scientists now believe may just be the most important system in the body. Not only do humans have an ECS, so do all animals, fish, birds, and reptiles. It is believed that every living creature on the planet has an ECS.

What Does The ECS Do?

Why We Created Our Hemp Treats and Hemp Soft Chews For Dogs | Innovet Pet

This system of the body works as a type of supervisor who ensures that all other systems are running properly and that the body is in a state of homeostasis. This means that you are in balance. When you are out of balance, your vitamins may be low, your fluids may be too low, and you are not running properly. The body is a very complicated and amazing machine. When things are not properly in balance, it can cause many health issues.

For example, when the immune system is not running properly, the body may be in a constant state of inflammation. When this happens, infections can become chronic, things like diabetes can appear, and much more.

The ECS ensures that pain is managed, that metabolism is performing all necessary functions with precision, that moods are balanced, and that sleep, appetite, memory, and even reproduction functions are all running smoothly.

The ECS is comprised of enzymes, receptors (two types) and endocannabinoids.

When CBD is consumed in any form, but in this case using our Hemp Treats and/or Soft Chews, it goes directly into the digestive tract where it is absorbed into the blood supply within minutes. CBD finds its way to a receptor in the body. There are two types of receptors. CB1 and CB2 receptors. The former is located in the brain, while the latter are found all over the body. CBD prefers to find CB2 receptors and bind with them. Not all cannabinoids are small enough to bind directly to a receptor. CBD is small enough that it can. Therefore it makes a direct impact on the ECS by binding to a receptor.

When this happens, a lipid is formed from the bond and it travels through the body via the neural network. It is looking for a cell to land in, where it can promote the balance within that single cell. It will go where there is a need. No one really understands exactly how it knows where it is needed, but it does. In fact, it’s been deemed the Boy Scout Molecule for knowing what is needed and always doing the right thing.

As the lipid travels in the neural network, it leaves a coating that acts as a form of armor-like protectant. This helps to boost memory and protect your ability to hold onto memories. It boosts attentiveness and the ability to focus on tasks. Humans who have taken CBD report feeling very wide-awake and more results-oriented. In this way, it also seems to uplift the general mood.

While in the neural network, the CBD lipid seems to have a strange ability to know what signals to block on their way to the brain; pain being one of the blocked signals. Messages and signals on their way to the brain are traveling in one direction only. CBD can travel in either direction and it blocks these signals from over-messaging the brain. When the brain doesn’t get all of them, it doesn’t respond with reaction to them. The impact of pain is reduced by this very simple process.

CBD works to coat and strengthen virtually anything it touches in the body and bring balance to all functions. It’s like adding the very best lubricant to an engine.

Just a few of the things that pet owners have given CBD to their dogs for, and achieved positive results include:

Why We Created Our Hemp Treats and Hemp Soft Chews For Dogs | Innovet Pet
  • Cancer - alleviates nausea related to treatment and helps provide immune support
  • Anxiety reduction - especially for dogs with separation anxiety
  • Pain control - regardless of the cause of pain, it can help to reduce pain
  • Anti-inflammatory benefits - It can help reduce inflammation from arthritis and more
  • Seizure management and tremor management - for epilepsy and similar problems
  • Appetite regulation - Helps to balance appetite with the needs of the body
  • Inflammatory Bowel - reduces the inflammation and eases stomach pains
  • Heart health - It can reduce the risk of heart disease and reverse the impact of strokes.

There are some companies that will make promises of cures and they will use cheap ingredients. Our treats are organic, made with only the best ingredients which are all-natural. We take extreme care in finding the best sources for each ingredient, especially the CBD. It’s all premium and we would feed it to our own dogs, in fact, we do! Not only do we feed our treats and use our products on our own pets, but we also developed them specifically for them.

We also provide you with links to research, articles on our site and we aren’t ever going to tell you that CBD is a cure. As far as we know right now, it doesn’t cure anything. What it can do is relieve symptoms of chronic conditions, pain, and relieve your dog of their ills so that they can find more enjoyment in each day.

Our products were all designed with our own pets in mind and we wouldn’t ask you to use anything that we don’t already give to our own pets. You can trust us to not steer you wrong because your pets are important to us and the relationship that we have with you and with them is important to us as well. We care. It’s really that simple.

Dave and Matt wanted to create a company that would build lasting relationships with customers that are built on trust. They wanted to bring the best possible products to other pet lovers and owners, at the lowest possible cost. These treats are no different. Absolutely the best quality possible, with sacrificing a thing to keep the cost affordable for anyone’s budget.

In fact, they are so confident in the impact that their treats will make on your dog’s health that they always have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you aren’t totally satisfied, we’ll give you your money back. Read the reviews on our website, InnovetPet, and note that the majority of reviews are 5-star. That is the biggest compliment that we could ever receive. It means that we are making a difference so that dogs like Gordo made a difference in their lives.

Gordo is no longer with us, falling to his cancer before he had an opportunity to enjoy the benefits of CBD. It’s our mission to make certain that this never happens to another pet owner. You’ll always have access to the things that can help your dog when natural alternatives to other types of treatment are not an option for you if we have anything to say about it.

We are constantly developing new products and new lines of products for many different needs and purposes. We’re confident that you’ll find what you are looking for at our website, even if you’re just looking at information right now. We have articles and papers available to help you find more information on nearly every subject about dog, cat, and horse health.

We’re always here for you, with excellent customer service, amazing products that we stand behind fully, and to answer any questions that you may have. You’ll see a very simple and easy process to reach us, and we will respond to you quickly. We’ll go out of our way to show you that we really do care about you and your pet. Try our Hemp Treats and Soft Chews and find out just how hemp can help your dog get back to his best self.

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