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Dana S.
Dana S.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"I have 2 small dogs, one is a senior and has stomach issues. I use this in conjunction with the hemp soft chews. The difference I see in just my senior dog alone is day and night. She has arthritis and a sensitive stomach. This has helped with her mobility and appetite. She’s got her pep back in her step and she now looks forward to eating."

Loretta J.
Loretta J.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"I gave our 2 five month old pups a bath with this and it seemed to help with their itchiness. It made their coats very soft and shiny. I will continue to use this, and can tell more later, since they are still adjusting to being bathed . They love playing in the water in their pool, but the bathtub...not so much 😂"

Mary L.
Mary L.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"I have 3 dogs and everyone of them does not like their teeth brushed,especially my 13 year old Corgi,so just spraying this on their teeth they have no problem with me doing this and so far I have no more stinky breath & their teeth are alot cleaner."

All There Is To Know About PCR Hemp Oil

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All There Is To Know About PCR Hemp Oil

Posted by AdKitan AdKitan on
Updated at: October 19, 2020

Pet parents are always wondering about the latest health news there is for canines. At Innovet, we know that pet parents want to be in the know and it is why we offer as much information as we can to help in your search for answers. Natural pet products are becoming more popular and that is one reason many pet parents are on a search for knowledge. A pet product that has recently been in the headlines is Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) hemp oil. This article will explain all that there is to know about PCR hemp oil and how it differs from the more well-known CBD Oil.


1. What is CBD Oil?
2. What is Hemp?
3. What is the Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?
4. What Exactly Is Marijuana
5. What is PCR Hemp Oil?
6. What is the Endocannabinoid System
7. What Health Benefits Are There in CBD Oil for Dogs?
8. Are There Side Effects to Worry About with PCR Hemp Oil?
9. How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?
10. CBD Oil for Dogs in Pain
11. Where Can I Buy CBD Oil for Dogs?
12. PCR Hemp Oil for Dogs: Last Words

What is CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is one of the more popular natural products on the market today. It has become increasingly popular because more studies are being conducted to show that it is helpful for medical conditions. CBD is a hemp extract and is extracted from marijuana. However, CBD does not contain high levels of THC. THC is what is in marijuana that gives people the feeling of being “high”. CBD only contains trace amounts of THC and is nowhere near enough for a person or pet to feel the psychoactive effects. It is often sold in oil form and is called CBD oil. There are also edible forms of CBD that are sold. The cannabinoids in CBD oil have been shown to directly affect the endocannabinoid system in the body and allow it to help with natural healing and relief.

What is Hemp?

Hemp is a product that is amazingly useful and found in many things that people least expect. It is found in makeup, paint, batteries, and even diapers. There are also a variety of other products that use hemp. Hemp also contains only trace amounts of THC and is not capable of getting a person high. Products that contain hemp are natural and safe.

What Is The Difference Between Hemp and Marijuana?

Cannabis is a plant genus. The genus has several species as part of it. Hemp and weed are both a part of the cannabis genus and are separate and unique species of it. Hemp and marijuana are cousins, but they are certainly different.

What Exactly is Marijuana?

Marijuana is the species of cannabis that people associate with “weed” as weed is simply another name for marijuana. Most people have heard of this plant in one way or another. It is often used for recreational purposes. However, it is also used for medical needs. One of the most common medical marijuana uses is for people that are undergoing treatments for cancer. Some states have legalized marijuana for both recreational and medical use. Others have only legalized marijuana for medical needs. There are still some states where marijuana is illegal for any reason. It is still illegal federally for a person to possess or use marijuana.

What is PCR Hemp Oil?

PCR hemp oil is a relative newcomer to the natural supplement market. Many people have not heard of it. PCR hemp oil is derived from hemp. It is a cannabinoid. It contains over 200 ingredients that are holistic and natural and it also contains CBD that has become so recognized as being a natural health supplement. Some products label it as a full-spectrum hemp oil containing CBD.

What Is The Endocannabinoid System

All There Is To Know About PCR Hemp Oil | Innovet Pet

The endocannabinoid system is a system that is a part of human and mammal biology. Humans and all mammals contain an endocannabinoid system that is responsible for many functions. It helps with homeostasis within the body and is a part of immunity and balance of all of the connected systems that are vital to life.

PCR hemp oil can directly work with the endocannabinoid system. It can enhance what is already occurring naturally within the body and give it the ability to heal, function better, and more.

What Health Benefits Are There In CBD Oil For Dogs?

All There Is To Know About PCR Hemp Oil | Innovet Pet

Perhaps the most important questions for any product you plan on giving your pet is what are the health benefits? After all, healthy pets equal happy pets and that is what all pet parents want. Health benefits of CBD oil for dogs are plentiful and those benefits will be explained further below.

The first health benefit for dogs that take CBD oil is that it has anti-inflammatory properties. Inflammation with pets is a major health concern. Inflammation can happen after an injury, due to an illness, and more. Anti-inflammatory properties in CBD oil can help dogs that have a variety of health issues and help increase their comfort and mobility.

The second benefit of CBD oil for dogs is that it helps with anxiety. People and pets alike can get anxiety for many reasons. Anxious pets are a common issue and many pet parents have dealt with an anxious dog. A common example of an anxious dog is when they are about to go on a road trip. Many dogs get nervous about riding in a car. There are also many dogs that can get nervous during a thunderstorm or when they sense that their owners are about to leave the house. Thunderstorms and fireworks are notorious for causing dogs to become excited, anxious, and upset. Many pet parents have to keep their precious furry friends indoors when there are firework celebrations or loud thunderstorms. It is something that many dogs are afflicted with. Many dogs also get nervous when they sense that their owners are going to be leaving them behind for work or a vacation. This particular type of anxiety is called separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is quite a common issue among canines and can make it difficult to leave. CBD oil can help provide dogs a calming feeling so that they are not so anxious and owners can leave without so much worry.

Dogs that have anxiety will often show symptoms. Some symptoms of anxiety are whining, pacing, barking, extreme panting, or aggression that is not normal. There are also other signs that may be apparent to a pet parent that knows their dog well and when they are not acting like themselves.

The third benefit of PCR hemp oil for dogs is that it can give dogs help with their nervous system. Antioxidants are vital to the health and well-being of a canine nervous system. Canine nervous systems that are being hurt by toxins are often weakened. Powerful antioxidant benefits found in CBD PCR hemp oil can help a nervous system that has been negatively affected by toxins and reverse some of the damaging issues that have occurred.

A fourth benefit of CBD oil for dogs is that it can improve gut health. Improper gut health can cause a slurry of health problems. Gut health that is not well can affect immunity and can begin to cause problems with digestion and proper evacuation of bowels. A healthy gut from CBD oil can help with overall body health and increase immunity and digestive function.

The fifth benefit of CBD PCR hemp oil is that it can help with allergies. Allergies to toxins, foods, or others can be very detrimental to a canine's health. It can cause them to have poor quality of life. PCR hemp oil has been shown to help fight allergies. It can even help improve skin allergies that are common in certain breeds of canine. Skin allergies are one of the most difficult to treat in canines. The healing benefits of PCR hemp oil can improve skin allergies in short order. The effect of the CBD on the endocannabinoid system can affect the skin positively as the skin is the largest organ in the body. The healing benefits of CBD oil on the skin can be tremendous because it is the largest organ in the body and because it works with the endocannabinoid system.

A sixth health benefit of CBD oil for dogs is that it improves cognition. The brain is perhaps the most important organ in the body. Poor brain function can begin to slow reactions, cause memory issues, and even damage brain cells. CBD oil can help boost cognition and get brain function back to where it needs to be for a better quality of life.

The seventh benefit of PCR hemp oil for dogs is that it can help with nausea. Many dogs experience nausea for a variety of reasons. It makes it difficult to hold food or water down and that can begin having dire consequences for pets and their well-being if it goes on too long. Dehydration and malnutrition are possible health issues that could arise from severe nausea. There are anti-nausea properties in PCR hemp oil that can help a canine get their nausea under control and so that they can begin to hydrate and eat properly in the way that they need to stay nourished. Sadly, some dogs can develop cancers or tumors just as their human owners can. One of the most common side effects of cancer is nausea. There have been numerous studies showing that CBD oil can help cancer patients regain appetite and suppress nausea when they are undergoing cancer treatments. Dogs that are undergoing cancer treatment or that are suffering from cancer can benefit greatly from PCR hemp oil.

Are There Side Effects to Worry About With PCR Hemp Oil?

All There Is To Know About PCR Hemp Oil | Innovet Pet

Many pet parents must be wondering what the catch is to any product that can help with health. The good news is that PCR hemp oil is a natural product and has none of the nasty side effects that many prescription medications can cause. The only potential side effect that has been reported in some canines is lethargy. However, this is often from too large of a dose being given. Dosage sizes being given properly is imperative.

This is good news for pet parents that are tired of giving their dog prescription medications. Prescriptions often come with a list of side effects that are longer than the benefits. The worry of difficult side effects can leave a heavy burden. It can be hard to leave a dog alone for any period of time and the worry seems to never leave. Natural options are a smart alternative for canine owners that simply don't want their pet to suffer or to have to deal with side effects that can be incredibly hurtful. A product that is organic and natural and that can provide health benefits to rival any prescription is certainly preferable for many. PCR hemp oil is one of those natural health alternatives that can help a dog without any serious side effects.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

The good news is that most reputable CBD oil retailers and sellers let consumers know the proper dosing instructions for their products. Most CBD oil products come with written instructions on how to give a pet proper dosage based on their weight and/or size. CBD oil does not require a prescription nor does it require a veterinarian's approval. However, you can find many vets that support CBD oil and have no issue with their pet patients being given this natural supplement. It has become a more accepted supplement even in the medical community. If you find that the product you purchase does not contain dosage instructions, it is a good idea to email or call the company you purchased it from. They should freely give this information. If not, it may be best to find another product that does provide CBD oil dosage instructions for dogs. Researching brands in advance of purchase is a wise idea so that you know you are getting a quality product and one that comes with reliable dosing instructions. Companies that have good reviews online from real customers are often the best to go with. This is because they have a proven track record of quality products and providing customer service. Customer service is a big part of a product's quality. It is essential that they are available for any questions or concerns that you have. Great recommendations from friends is also an excellent source of information for pet parents that want to purchase CBD oil.

CBD Oil For Dogs in Pain

PCR Hemp Oil and CBD oil for dogs in pain can be important. After all, no pet parent wants to see their canine in pain. It isn't always easy to know whether a dog is in pain. Dogs are sometimes quiet about their pain just as some people are. Other times, the signs of a dog in pain may be hard to spot. This is understandable as each canine is unique and they all have different tells and signs.

Dogs that are in pain often show common signs like whining, shaking, or licking and biting a problem area. However, there are other signs that have been seen in dogs that experience pain. You may notice that they are not walking or running in the way that they normally would and that their mobility is compromised. Eye changes can be another sign that could indicate a dog in pain. Changes in the way that they behave are another possible symptom of a dog in pain as it could indicate they are not dealing with their pain very well and are displaying it in a behavior change. A dog that is making more sounds like whimpering or growling than they normally would could be another sign.

It is possible for dogs that are in pain to not show any signs of discomfort. However, if your dog has a diagnosed medical condition, it is likely that they experience at least some mild discomfort. Therefore, CBD oil can be used for mild to severe pain or health conditions of all types.

Where Can I Buy CBD Oil For Dogs?

Many vendors and sellers are now offering CBD oil for dogs. Not all websites or stores are selling high quality CBD oil, however. This is when it is imperative to do research and find out if the brand you are purchasing is of high quality. Researching online is one of the best ways to do that. Find independent review websites that allow people to give honest reviews. Positive feedback and good reviews are a great indicator that a company is selling a good product.

CBD Oil for Dogs | Innovet Pet


CBD Oil For Dogs that is of high quality can be beneficial for canines that need natural healing. It is an organic and chemical-free product that has zero side effects. There are only trace amounts of THC and that means that it is not possible for a dog to get “high” at all. It provides only the benefits of CBD and there is no risk for psychoactive effects and no risk of serious side effects. Studies have proven that it has a plethora of health benefits in both humans and pets.

PCR Hemp Oil For Dogs: Last Words

The final word on PCR Hemp Oil for dogs is that it can be a healing addition to any dog's life. It is easy to add to food and provides benefits that are plentiful and proven in medical studies. A natural product that can be added easily to a dog's supplementation is something that pet parents can do without worry of any side effects or issues. The fact that there are no side effects means that there is no harm in giving your furry pal PCR hemp oil and having their health potentially increased for the better.



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