Bio-degradable "Eco-friendly" Poop bags

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Updated at: January 07, 2021

Why Biodegradable "Eco-friendly" poop bags?

Polythene bags are a serious ecological hazard and they can survive virtually thousand of years in our environment without degrading. Burning them is again not an option since they contribute to toxic contamination of our breathing air.

But they serve many purposes. The least of that, I remember is the enshrining cover for my dog poop. For many years, I have noticed people cleaning up dog poop with plastic bags and really wondered how long would it take for these poop storages to actually degrade when buried in a landfill. Wont it pollute forever? Many many generations, even after we have passed away? Can’t we leave a healthier planet for the future humans?

This gave me inspiration to look for alternatives. Alternative poop bags that could be rightly called biodegradable poop bags or Eco-friendly poop bags! Cheap poop bags, but high in biodegradable quality.

Looking for such poop bags, I researched the market and (to my horror) I couldn’t find a single waste bag that could actually meet the FTC standards to qualify as a biodegradablepoop bag. The reason is so simple. FTC has strict standards which no waste bag in the market meets at present.

FTC, vide its declaration (of as late as February 2015) classifies a waste bag as “biodegradable” if it can break down in a landfill within a year’s time. But there is a catch point in this condition.

Landfills are all diverse. Not one is the same. Depending upon where they are located, they may be exposed to varied environmental factors and climatic conditions. This makes it virtually impossible to specify the exact paremeters for testing the biogradability of the so called “Eco-friendly poop bags”. Sadly, this is true for every poop bag available in the market right now.

But not for every poop bag! If you happen to be one of those nature lovers and green minded dog owner then I have a great option for you.

Innovet Pet Products - Green Eco-friendly Poop bags

These affordable biodegradable poop bags are made with food grade polymers, biomass fillers and plant starch. So when you think green, think eco-friendly, then you must think of using the only cheap biodegradable poop bags, but high in quality from innovet pet products.

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