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Is Garlic good for my Dog or Cat?

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Is Garlic good for my Dog or Cat?

For centuries, humans use garlic in food and as a medicine as well. As per various studies, garlic delivers a large number of health benefits for humans. However, using garlic in dog food has been a controversial subject over the years among dog lovers and other specialists. While many sources consider garlic to be a toxic substance for dogs, some specialists firmly declare it do be a dog-friendly food. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you can directly feed dogs cloves of garlic though – you must know the correct dosage to make it beneficial.


1. What is Garlic?
2. The study
3. Was everything right about the study?
4. Get the dosage right
5. Important
6. Why give your dog or cat garlic?
7. Conclusion

What is Garlic?

Garlic for Dogs Cartoon Healthy | Innovet Pet

Garlic belongs to Allium family. In fact, it is a close relative of onions and similar stuff. In garlic you find a substance called n-propyldisulfide and traces of thiosulphate. These substances are capable of causing oxidative damage if over-dosed.

About a century ago, people observed some toxicity symptoms form cattle, sheep and horses when wild onions were fed. The same symptom was noticed among the dogs and cats that were fed onions.

The study  

A study carried out in year 2000 at Hokkaido University denoted garlic can cause a harmful influence on the red blood cells of the dogs. From that point onwards, many people refrained from feeding garlic mixed food for their pet dogs thinking the negative effects it can cause.

Was everything right about the study?

The study conducted on four dogs. For an entire week, they were given 1.25 ml of pure garlic extract per single kilogram of their body weight. Truth to be told, this is clearly an overdose! As we believe, it is not fair to totally depend on such study.

Get the dosage right

For obvious reasons, consuming too much of anything – even vitamins and minerals is bad for anybody. So, you need to find the correct dosage to see the optimal results.

Mentioned below is the correct amount of dosage for your pet dog on daily basis.

Body weight​ per garlic clove

Garlic for Dogs Cartoon Graphic | Innovet

10 – 15 ​​pounds -½
20 – 40 ​pounds-​1
45 – 70​​ pounds-2
75 – 90 ​​pounds-2 ½
100+​​ pounds -3

As a precaution, some pet owners recommend not to exceed 2-clove limit even for heavier dogs. Being extra cautious, you may feed the dog with garlic every other week.


Do not feed your dog garlic if he

  • already has anemic condition
  • is ready to undergo a surgery
  • is younger than 8 weeks.

Why give your dog or cat garlic?

Despite all the controversial theories, garlic features various benefits for your dog. One of the main benefits is its positive impact to normalize the digestive system.

Mentioned below are some of the most significant benefits.

  • It works as a parasite repellent
  • Although garlic cannot directly kill ticks and fleas, its aroma can keep those parasites away from your dog
  • It boosts immune system
  • The chemical composition of garlic can effectively normalize the immune system as it stimulates blood stream and eliminate bad microbes (and cancer cells too).
  • Helps liver
  • Garlic’s detoxifying characteristics help liver to eliminate toxins.
  • Helps to eliminate micro bodies like bacteria and fungus.
  • Reduces cholesterol
  • Boosts the functions of the cardiovascular system


In simplest terms, garlic is good for dogs as far as the proper dosage is administered. However, if you plan to feed your dog with garlic, it is better to use aged garlic powder over raw and boiled ones. Because of the strong effects of raw garlic powder, your dog may suffer from mucosal damage and erosion. The best way to prevent these effects and give your dog the true benefits of garlic, use correct dosage of aged garlic powder as a supplement.

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