3 Reasons Why PurOtic Dog Ear Cleaner is the Best

3 Reasons Why PurOtic Dog Ear Cleaner is the Best



Cleaning your dog's ears is a messy, squirmy chore. But it's a necessary habit in the care of dogs. Not only do dogs' ears get dirty with wax but they can become infected, harbor parasites or get irritated by foreign objects such as seeds and grass. For these reasons, a dog ear cleaner is essential. It makes the job much easier and more thorough. So which ear cleaner is right for your dog?

If you want the best natural dog ear cleaner, try PurOtic. Designed by veterinary and health care professionals, it comes in regular, extra and professional strength. Here are 3 reasons why it is the best. 


1. It's the Easiest

Pur0tic is gentle on your dog's sensitive ears. This non-irritating wash breaks up ear wax, clears away foreign objects and prevents ear infections. We do not ever recommend using Q-tips, which can damage a dog's eardrum. Our wash is a safe alternative.


2. It's the Most Effective

Our formula is made with a pharmaceutical grade emulsifier to thoroughly cleanse, dissolve buildup, soothe skin irritation and eliminate odor all at the same time. And with different strengths to choose from, you can get the one that suits your dog perfectly.


3. It's All-Natural

PurOtic is 99-100% natural with antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is alcohol and sulfate free, so it doesn't sting your dog's ears. Our specialized blend of botanical essential oils calms itching and pain, kills bacteria, and prevents bacterial and fungal overgrowth.

An optional product for your dog's ear cleaning routine is PurOtic 100% Natural Ear Dryer, as an alternative to using a washcloth. This ear dryer dries up hard-to-reach excess moisture, decreases odor, wax, and debris, and prevents infections. It also stops itching with Aloe Vera, while our patented silicone tip makes for gentle application.

We have a line of products to suit your dog's every need. For more details on how to better care for your dog, contact us.


For more information on PurOtic ear cleaner for pets, click here

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Cheryl Jasso - February 8, 2019

Your site today advertising the dog and cat ear cleaner, regular strength, will not order. It default to extra strength for dogs for 26.99, and will not allow a change. So, I can’ t order the cat ear cleaner at 12.99?

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