3 Summer-Time Toxins That Make Stat!Syringe A Must For Any Dog Owner

3 Summer-Time Toxins That Make Stat!Syringe A Must For Any Dog Owner

Summer is the perfect time for you and your dog to explore the great outdoors; but warm weather also signals the return of poisonous substances that your dog wouldn't be exposed to during the winter. Below are three deadly toxins to watch out for this season.


3 Summer-Time Toxins That Make Stat

Engine Coolant and Hydraulic Brake Fluid (Ethylene Glycol)

Ethylene glycol, commonly found in coolant/antifreeze and hydraulic brake fluid is one of the most common forms of poisoning for two reasons: first, it has many household uses, and second, it tastes sweet so dogs will ingest a lot of it at once. Symptoms of ethylene glycol poisoning include delirium, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, coma, and death.



Insecticides, such as organophosphates, are commonly sprayed in flower gardens and mixed in with fertilizers and herbicides. Dogs can accidentally ingest the poison by eating plants that were recently sprayed, or by rolling on them and then licking themselves. Symptoms of insecticide poisoning include nausea, vomiting, drooling, seizures, coma, and death.


Hickory, Pecan, and Walnut Trees 

While hickory nuts, pecans, and walnuts are not especially toxic to dogs, the mold that grows on those nuts can contain deadly mycotoxins. Trees are harvested in late summer and early fall, meaning that any nuts that fall prematurely from the tree are often left on the ground for passing dogs to eat. Symptoms of mycotoxin poisoning can include weakness, vomiting, seizures, and death.


Get proactive about your dog’s safety this summer with Stat!Syringe. Stat!Syringe helps dog-owners administer hydrogen peroxide 3% efficiently to induce vomiting, giving you time to get your dog to the vet for treatment. If your vet instructs you to induce vomiting after your dog ate something poisonous, don’t waste precious time fighting to get his mouth open! Fill Stat!Syringe with hydrogen peroxide 3% to the line corresponding to your dog’s weight, insert the Stat!Syringe into the side of your dog’s mouth, and effortlessly deliver the perfect dose by pushing the plunger.


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