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5 Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Children

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5 Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Children

Dog Breeds that get along with Children, What Dogs get along with Children | Innovet PetOne might think that any dog is a great dog to welcome into your family when you have a little one. Of course, a pet can certainly be a great addition when raising kids, giving them a close companion in the family. But it’s worth considering that different breeds of dogs offer different temperaments and sociability levels when it comes to interacting with toddlers and infants. Which dogs are most likely to get anxiety around children? Which dogs are the most aggressive with kids, or to the opposite, which are the friendliest and easiest to get along with for a child? There are pros and cons to putting a little dog in the house with a child just as there are pros and cons to asking a big dog to live with a child. So the number one rule to follow in all of this is that the calmest dog breeds are typically going to be the best companions for families with children, as they are going to be the most patient. But more important than just looking for a one size fits all breed is finding the dog that’s most likely to fit your family’s needs as well as the dog’s. Wouldn’t you agree that pairing the dog that’s most likely to fit into your family’s existing environment is going to be the best fit for everybody involved?

The Beagle

If your little one is energetic and seems to never run out of gas then a beagle is a good fit for your family. Beagles are also very intelligent dogs. They can wander off frequently, so not only will a playful child pair well with such a playful breed, but you’re also giving this dog a better chance at always having a watchful eye over it.

The Collie

This doesn’t just stem from the fact that Lassie was a Collie. Gentle, predictable, and easy to train, they love kids and are known to be protective of their pack, which in this case, means your family.

The Golden Retriever

Perhaps the most obvious selection on this list, Goldens are easily the most popular family dog out there. Much of this is because they are so patient and friendly. They are loyal, kind, and enjoy playing, which is exactly what most parents will love about adding one of these dogs to their family.

Labrador Retriever

The lab is another breed you can’t be surprised to see on this list because even if you know nothing about its temperament, you likely already know they're found in a lot of family homes. Labs love to play and run around, making them a good company for your kids. On top of that, labs genuinely enjoy pleasing others, making them ideal animals to train.

The Pit Bull

Bad press is guilty of ruining this breed’s reputation in the eyes of many but the Pit Bull is actually one of the most loyal and loving family dogs to exist. When trained and socialized early, they are actually great with kids. 


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