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8 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo of Your Pet

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8 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo of Your Pet

Taking the perfect picture with your dog can be as difficult as trying to capture the perfect picture with a one-year-old. Many pet owners find it difficult to get their pets to be corporative in a photo.

Here are some tips on how to capture that perfect picture:

8 Tips for Taking the Perfect Photo of Your Pet | Innovet Pet
  • Use natural light
    Try to take your photograph in the natural light and make sure you avoid the flash. If you intend to take your photos indoors, try put your pet close to a white wall which will increase the natural light in the room.
  • Make sure you avoid clutter
    Try to avoid having any clutter in the background of your picture. You can also avoid clutter by using a DSLP camera to manipulate the picture aperture to give the background a soft blur.
  • Gather up lots of treats
    To get your pet’s attention, place some treats on top of the camera, or if you have a camera shy pet, you could train your pet to believe that a camera stick is a treat.
  • Go down to your pet’s level
    Instead of taking the picture standing up or sitting on a stool try getting down to your pet’s level for a more natural view photo.
  • Get all your pet’s toys out
    Most pets love squeaky toys, so try using these toys to get the dog's attention. If you have a cat, toys that rattle, rustle, a laser pointer or a fishing line cat toy can easily get your cat's attention.
  • Take your pet out on a walk
    If you want a more corporative pet, you can take your pet out for a walk and work off any excess energy and tire out your pet before a photo session.
  • Make use of props
    Posed shots are even more difficult as dogs are often not hesitant to jump off of tables, chairs, stools, etc. Making use of props around your pet can make up for your pets’ reluctance. It is wise to make note of your pet’s insecurities particularly with slippery surfaces.
  • Use a decorative box
    If you have a wandering cat, placing your cat in a decorative box and letting it investigate the new space is an excellent technique.


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