Beat Your Pup's Bad Breath With Purbreath

Does your dog have bad breath that you just can't seem to eliminate? Try Purbreath to meet their dental care needs. This simple spray will fight off bacteria and bad oral health and is better than brushing for a wide variety of reasons.

Cleaning dog and cat teeth

Dogs Don't Like Toothbrushes

First of all, dogs simply don't like getting their teeth brushed. Even when you're careful, it can be irritating to their gums and frighten them with the unique sensation of brushing. Purbreath avoids this problem by being a simple spray application that takes just a few squirts a day to be effective.

The Ingredients Are Healthy And Tasty

Each application of Purbreath will provide your puppy with an application of 100 percent all-natural cleaner that not only kills bacteria to freshen their breath, but also tastes pretty good. Your pup will actually look forward to getting his application with Purbreath, which is more than you can say of dogs getting their teeth brushed.

Can Be Used For Cats Too

Purbreath is not just for dogs: the name alone indicates it is a good choice for cats. Applying it to a cat may be a little trickier (they're just not as flexible in their routines as dogs), but once they get a taste of it, they'll come back for more. Remember: it has a taste your pets will love.

With ingredients as safe as purified water, grape seed extract, and peppermint oil, Purbreath should be your tool for your eliminating bad breath in your pups. Please contact us today to learn more or to make an order for this useful product.

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