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Best Reasons to Stuff STAT! Syringe in Pet Lovers’ Holiday Stockings


During the holiday festivities, it’s easy to forget about your fur babies’ natural curiosity and tendency to chew when stressed. Unfortunately, the momentary memory lapse also has the potential to turn deadly, depending on what they get into. For example, did you know that ingesting the following holiday favorites can make animals gravely ill?

Toxic holiday foods to dogs

  • Button Batteries (Used in Some Electric Candles)
  • Fruitcake (If it contains dried raisins, currants, cherries, walnuts and apricots)
  • Poinsettia Plants and Pine Needles
  • Spiked Egg Nog and Alcohol in General
  • Holly Sprigs and Mistletoe
  • Chocolate Cookies or Candies
  • Snow Globe Fluid and Artificial Snow
  • Tinsel and Glass or Plastic Ornament Hooks

That’s why we’re hoping that all pet lovers end up with STAT! Syringes in their holiday stockings. Easy to use, STAT!Syringes are meant to help dog parents rid their loved ones’ systems of toxins in emergency situations. They work by inducing vomiting, which is not always the best course of action in some holiday emergencies. Therefore, they should ideally be used after speaking with an on-call veterinarian, preferably one that is familiar with the animal.

We like having STAT! Syringes on hand during the holidays because inducing vomiting in any pet, let alone a sick and anxious one, is challenging without it. Unlike other methods, it virtually ensures that the right amount of fluid enters the frightened pet’s mouth as quickly as possible. It also helps reduce the chances that the person administering the fluid, as well as the pet, doesn’t get hurt in the process. After all, frightened and ailing animals are known to act erratically, even around the people they love the most.

To learn more about STAT! Syringes and get some as gifts for the pet lovers in your life, please contact Innovet Pet Products today. We are prepared to ship quickly to locations across the U.S.A.

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December 27, 2016

Great idea to have it in the house. U never know

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