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CBD Oil For Dog Seizures: Why You Should Be Choosing Hemp Oil



Watching your pet suffer from a seizure is both heartbreaking and excruciatingly painful. When we see our four-legged children in pain, we want to do everything we can to stop it, but with seizures, we can only comfort and wait till it passes. Epilepsy medication is a bit of an oddball. Sometimes it works fantastically and can keep your pup healthy while staying at a low dose, other times the dose slowly creeps up and starts taking a physical toll on your pup. The worst is when the epilepsy is resistant to common pharmaceutical drugs.

Because of these last two issues, many people and veterinarians are taking a look at phytocannabinoid rich (PCR) hemp oil, which has grown to significant use among many people that suffer from epilepsy, especially those that suffer from.drug-resistant epilepsy.   


How CBD Oil Came To Be

Medical marijuana has been used for decades for treating epilepsy and reducing the number of seizures a person experiences to a significant degree. Unfortunately, until recently medical marijuana always caused a high, and this makes it unusable for many that don’t want to be high all day or at all. This created an even larger issue for children that desperately needed the relief that medical marijuana could provide, but couldn't afford to be taking a drug that gets them high.

This is how medical marijuana that was high in CBD and low in THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) came to be. Unlike THC, CBD does not alter the mind nor causes a high, but it still provides therapeutic benefits and is contributed to many of the positive medical benefits that come from medical marijuana.

CBD oil improves upon medical marijuana even more and actually leaves the THC completely behind making is safe for you, your children, and you guessed it . . . your pets.


Diving Further

In spite of the growing research and testimonials which show the overwhelming positives of hemp oil, people are still very skeptical about its use -  it doesn’t help that there is so much misinformation out there about it either.

Hemp oil can be created from both hemp and cannabis plants. CBD contains one of many cannabinoids found in hemp, but hemp is bred to have essentially no THC because of legal reasons. CBD oil derived from cannabis is fine for adults with fully developed brains, but it will have notable levels of THC. THC is not recommended for kids or pets, and when it’s in high amounts negative side effect can occur.

This is why hemp oil derived from hemp is a blessing to many as it gets rid of all the THC, while still providing significant relief from seizures.


What You Need to Know About Dosing and Side Effects

When first giving to your pet, you’ll want to start your doses out small and slowly work your way up. You’ll probably see results within the first few doses, but it may take up to a week. Here is a nifty calculator that will help you figure out the correct starting dose for your pup. I really recommend using it since dogs appear to be more sensitive to hemp than humans, and body weight varies a lot with different breeds. What works for a mastiff will be too much for your pug.

However, the most negative side effect when given too much will usually only be sedation. If your dog is on pharmaceutical drugs that are metabolized in the liver, you will want to watch high doses of hemp as it can affect the rate they are metabolized. It’s always a great idea to talk to your veterinarian if you have any questions.


How to Find The Best Hemp Oil

So where can you purchase hemp oil? Well, first off remember that as long as it’s hemp oil it’s most likely legal for you to purchase. Hemp can be used to create a lot of different things, so you want to make sure you’re getting PCR Hemp oil that is derived from hemp bred for medical use. Innovet Pet is one of those places where you can get high-quality organic hemp free of pesticides, they tell you where they source their hemp and show you their lab tested results right on the label so you know how much hemp is in each bottle.


For more information on Hemp Oil for dog's seizure, click here!

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Elaine Keane
Elaine Keane

October 13, 2018

Will this help my blind cat w seizures, and my 16yr old dog who has dementia… Thank u…..

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