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Hemp Oil for Dogs: So Long, Seizures!

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Hemp Oil for Dogs: So Long, Seizures!


Dogs are part of the family, so if you have a dog who suffers from severe anxiety, seizures, or other medical issues, odds are you've tried everything you could think of to help. Veterinary medicines are available to treat most health problems, but like human medications, they often come with negative side effects, some of which can be worse than the ailments they are meant to treat! If you're searching for a better option, Hemp-based supplements can help your pup feel healthy and well while avoiding all of those negative side effects.

With cannabis being legalized for medical and recreational use in more and more states, products containing hemp extract are more readily available to the public than ever before. However, after years of hearing the "say no to drugs" and "cannabis is dangerous" arguments, consumers are left with many questions about Hemp Oil. What is it? What does it do? Will it get me high?

Hemp extracts, commonly referred to as PCR, is a major active ingredient in cannabis and is usually mentioned in conjunction with its mind-altering counterpart, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). For years, cannabis growers prioritized development of strains that were high in THC and low in PCR as PCR often interfered with the "high" caused by THC. To summarize, although PCR is found in marijuana, it will not get you high and can actually prevent a high from occurring. In recent years, however, Hemp Oil has made a resurgence after researchers began to discover its numerous medicinal properties. Hemp oil is most commonly used to treat anxiety and epileptic seizures, but it can also be used to treat arthritis, chronic pain, depression, PTSD, and many other conditions. Most importantly, treatments involving hemp oil had little to no side effects, which offered a huge improvement for those who were able to replace their prescription medications with hemp. It is most often used as a medicine for humans, but it turns out that our furry friends can benefit from hemp, too!

Research on the topic is still lacking, but many personal accounts from pet owners are suggesting that Hemp Oil for dogs is a viable option for treating conditions such as seizures and anxiety. If your dog (or any pet) suffers from seizures, anxiety, arthritis, or any of the other conditions that hemp oil has been shown to help, you may want to consider products like PurHemp as a treatment option for your pet. Our dogs will do anything to keep us healthy and happy, so shouldn't we do the same for them?


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