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Hemp Oil for Dogs with Fear Aggression: Billie's Story


If you are unfamiliar with fear aggression, it is a serious behavioral issue which affects many dogs. Fear aggression creates a situation where a dog believes he or she must take an active role in attempting to protect itself from perceived threats. It is a common reason for dog owners to seek assistance from behaviorists, veterinarians, and dog trainers. 

Billie is a rescue dog who was in bad shape when she found me. She was a seven-month-old, 6-pound Poodle mix who had wandered up to the doors of a dog shelter. Billie was likely a breeder reject. She was severely malnourished and showed wounds from being attacked in a dogfight. 

For the past five years, Billie has been working to overcome fear aggression. Although she has made strides, her intolerance remains a struggle in her daily activities. Billie is still aggressive toward people and animals.  We continue to walk, socialize and train but even with an array of prescription sedatives, her fear looms large.

Recently a friend told me that Hemp oil might be able to help Billie with her anxiety and aggressive tendencies. Hemp, or PCR Oil (phytocannabinoid rich oil), is a derivative of the Cannabis plant. PCR may have therapeutic properties for humans and pets.   

Billie has been receiving a low dose of PCR oil for just over a month. The first positive thing I noticed was that Billie had her nose to the ground on walks. She was smelling the ground rather than constantly scanning for other people or dogs. It was such a relief to see her enjoying a walk with my other dog. I also noticed that she is calmer while relaxing at home. Billie is still quick to respond to unusual noises but not as aggressively as before PCR oil.

When people come to visit my home, Billie is contained in the bedroom area via a baby gate. In the past, she has worn a citronella spray collar to remind her not to bark insistently when guests are present. This past weekend a friend came over. Although I put up the baby gate and contained Billie to the bedroom area of my home, her citronella collar was not put on. For the first time in five years, I had guests and Billie did not even attempt to bark. Although I cannot say for sure that the PCR oil was able to help Billie, it was the only thing that had changed in her environment. 

It was important to me to reach out to a source specializing in pet products when purchasing PCR oil. Innovet, a company located in California, is large enough to sell many products for pets but small enough to make certain your needs are met.  Please contact us today so that we can help answer all of your questions about PCR oil or other pet-related issues.


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Ione Fried
Ione Fried

June 14, 2018


Liliana Gerbin
Liliana Gerbin

June 12, 2018

I do have a question does this PCR oil can help with bad hips and bad arthritis? Our dog is 13yr old German Shepard mix with Riot Ruller and about 2 weeks ago she was diagnosed with kidney failure and lately I noticed her back legs are giving up and yes we order 1 PCR oil I really hope it helps her with arthritis.

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