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CBD For Senior Dogs

How CBD oil can make your old pup feel young again.

CBD For Senior Dogs - InnoVet Pet


Joint pain, lack of appetite, and lethargy are just a few issues that are commonly seen in elderly dogs, and it can be heartbreaking to see your best friend struggling to get through the day. This is an age when it is incredibly important for a dog to be able to enjoy their life, and where you need to pay the most attention to their health.

This is why more and more people are giving their senior cats and dogs CBD oil that not only helps with chronic health conditions but offers a range of therapeutic benefits that come together to wonderfully improve our pets’ general health.


How CBD Can Help Senior Dogs

CBD (cannabidiol) is great for pets of any age, but it’s their older years where CBD can help the most. Let’s look at some chronic health conditions that CBD can work wonders for.


    • Inflammation and Arthritis - Inflammation and old age just go together, unfortunately. Inflammation is an immune response and thankfully CBD helps improve the immune system by activating CB2 and other receptors.
    • Lack of Appetite and Nausea - The last thing we want our older pets to do is to stop eating. Seeing them struggle to move because they have no energy and wasting away is simply devastating. CBD is often taken by cancer patients because it eliminates nausea, and CBD will increase appetite regardless of the source that’s causing the issue.
    • Cancer - As you can see above CBD works wonders for appetite and nausea, but that’s not all it can do for pets that suffer from cancer. CBD has been shown to slow cancer growth on its own and reduce the negative side effects common cancer treatments cause.
    • Anxiety - Often older dogs may suddenly become highly anxious if they’ve fallen from stiffness or old age. I once had a dog that was completely fine walking out into the kitchen for over a decade until she fell one day and lost the confidence to ever try again. I wish I knew about CBD then because it would have not only given her strength back, but also the confidence to once again sneak-in table scraps from the kitchen table.
    • Epilepsy - Idiopathic epilepsy is the most common form of epilepsy seen in dogs, but since it’s a result of genetics it usually appears between the ages of 6 months to 6 years. Dogs that start having seizures later in their lives usually have an underlying illness that causes the seizures. Brain tumors, liver disease, diabetes, and Cushing disease can all cause seizures and you guess it, CBD can help with all of these diseases and help prevent and reduce seizures even when there is not an underlying cause.


Ok, I See That CBD Can Help But How Can It Do So Much?

That’s a great question and a pretty easy one to answer. All mammals have an internal system that keeps them stable despite outside influences. Things regulating internal body temperature, making sure organs are communicating properly, maintaining blood sugar levels are all things that our body uses this process known homeostasis for.

CBD helps to activate and encourage a series of receptors and neurotransmitters that all play a crucial part in successfully balancing and regulating both your’s and your dog’s health.

Put simply; CBD encourages stability, regulation, and improved health by influencing the natural system that’s responsible for it in a positive way. This also means that studies done on CBD’s effect on humans will also apply to other animals and vice versa.


Is It Legal and If So Where Can I Find it?

CBD is completely legal in the United States and most of the world, but there is one catch. You have to purchase CBD oil derived from hemp and not cannabis. First, CBD derived from cannabis may be illegal depending on your marijuana laws. Second, CBD hemp oil is not marijuana, and hemp is legally required to have near non-existent levels of THC to even be labeled hemp. Since CBD is non-psychoactive it will not get your dog high no matter how much you give.

Even if marijuana is legal where you live, you still want CBD derived from hemp as high levels of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) can be toxic to dogs. CBD hemp oil is safe to give even in higher doses, but most likely your pet won’t need anywhere near that amount.




It’s safe to say that giving CBD to older pets can do wonders to improve overall health and chronic illness that many suffer from. Giving your pets CBD won’t only help them, but will also make for a happy owner. So grab some CBD and break out the tennis ball because you’re going to need it!


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Mariann  Barajas
Mariann Barajas

January 20, 2018

Would this help my rescue dog who suffers from what I feel is really bad anxiety?

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