Dental Health Is Important: How To Easily Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean

Dental Health Is Important: How To Easily Keep Your Dog's Teeth Clean


PurBreath Oral Care Gel is Easy to Use and Better Than Just Regularly Brushing Teeth

Most pets suffer with some form of periodontal (dental) disease if not regularly taken care of by the owner. Pets of all ages can suffer from bad breath and subsequent pain and increase the chances of obtaining severe infections when first symptoms are ignored. Oral infections invite even more complex digestive and other health problems which can cause further damage and make your pet ill.


How Does Tartar Accumulate?

  • Food residue in combination with saliva and bacteria ultimately kickstarts the production of plaque inside the mouth. Continuous accumulation of plaque eventually results into tartar over a period of time if not regularly cleaned. Deposition of tartar causes receding gums and dental abscesses.
  • When the tartar hardens, mechanical cleaning by scaling of the teeth is then required. Some precautions are to be taken to prevent accumulation of plaque between the teeth, infected gums and other dental diseases. It is advised to avoid any intake of food or drinks high in sugar which can further agitate and aggravate the tartar.
  • Some special foods such as dental biscuits may be used to offer a similar mechanical brushing effect on the teeth and helps to remove plaque and tartar when chewed and gnawed on.
  • Certain nutrients like phosphate salts of sodium polyphosphate or hexametaphosphate, omega-3, xylitol can effectively reduce plaque deposits.
  • However, these foods and treats can’t protect the oral cavities or teeth from bacteria or soften the plaque or tartar. Pets may be offered to chew greenies and dentabones which can aid in rubbing the plaque away and boost secretion of protective saliva around the teeth.


Symptoms of Periodontal Disease

  • Bad breath – one of the first and early signs of dental disease
  • A yellowish-brown crust of plaque on the teeth near the gum line
  • Swollen gums or yellow-brown tartar
  • Pain or bleeding of the mouth or gums
  • Difficulties in eating, weight loss and decreased appetite
  • Inflamed Red-gums
  • Excessive drooling
  • Change in eating habits
  • Pawing at the mouth or rubbing the face against the floor or furniture


Natural Oral Care for Pets

Pet owners usually use a toothbrush and tooth paste to clean the teeth of their pet dogs and cats.

Any responsible pet owner knows the struggles that come with brushing the teeth of their pets and the agitated resistance that comes with it when trying to clean the oral cavities of their beloved pets.


Before using a toothbrush to maintain your pet’s oral health, the following points may be noted:

  • Examine the pet’s oral health at regular intervals
  • Avoid oral care products meant for humans – specifically indicated pet care products should only be used when dealing with pet oral care
  • Toothpaste or solutions meant for human oral care contain ingredients which may be toxic to pets
  • Avoid daily brushing and switch over to a completely natural oral care product – which is significantly safer and healthier
  • Avoid canned and over-the-counter food
  • Use natural supplements


If you and your pet are both having troubles when it comes to toothbrushing time, you should give PurBreath Oral Care Gel a try – it’s easy to use and way better than just regularly brushing.

No Brush. Pet Oral Care Gel

PurBreath No-Brush Pet Oral Care is an Innovet Pet product highly praised by many pet owners. Pet owners see the difference before and after the use of PurBreath Oral Care Gel formulated with natural ingredients.

We offer salmon and peppermint flavour variants. Spraying this gel into the pet’s mouth is the easiest method for owners.


If you can have the opportunity to elude tooth brush and irritated pet both you should try the unique PurBreath Oral Care Gel which is easy to use and better than brushing the teeth.

Purbreath no brush Pet oral care is an Innovet Pet Product highly praised by pet owners after it has been marketed.  Pet owners can see the difference before and after use of this Gel formulated with natural ingredients only.

PurBreath Oral Care Gel presently available in salmon and peppermint flavour. Spraying this Gel into the pet's mouth is the most convenient method of application and provides complete oral care for your pet.


Why is Innovet’s PurBreath The Best?

  • Pets love the convenience of oral care after using PurBreath
  • PurBreath helps brighten and freshen the breath
  • Aids in removing plaque and tartar
  • Promotes healthy gums
  • Kills harmful bacteria and prevents formation of plaque
  • Contains natural ingredients
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