Does Hemp Oil Work for Dogs or Cats with Cancer?

Does Hemp Oil Work for Dogs or Cats with Cancer?


Watching a loved one suffer from the pain associated with cancer is difficult to watch. It's our duty as pet owners to protect our furry friends from illness, but sometimes illness happens. If you've exhausted your options you may feel hopeless. Healing a pet is like healing yourself. Have you considered Hemp oil for an animal suffering from cancer?


What is Hemp Oil?

Hemp Oil is a hemp extract, also known as PCR for short. Hemp extract is not psychoactive which means that your pet can not get high off of it. It is a homeopathic medicine that is being offered up more and more as an alternative therapy for pets and humans alike. Hemp Oil is becoming increasingly popular as an over-the-counter pain/anxiety relief


Is it Safe for My Pet?

It has been shown that pet-owners recommend the use of hemp-based products such as Hemp oils. People who've therapeutically used Hemp Oil on their pets claim that it helps their pet suffer less. This is especially true of pet owners whose animals suffer from cancer, anxiety, arthritis, and seizures. More research is being done by the University of Colorado regarding the subject. 


What Products Are Available?

Innovet, a pioneer in innovative pet products, has developed PurHemp. PurHemp is a 100% hemp-based PCR oil that can be used for Dogs, Cats, and Horses. It has been tested by a third party for quality assurance purposes and contains no pesticide residue. Are you interested in knowing how much Hemp oil you pet might need? Click here for Innovet's Dosing Calculator. 


In Conclusion

We've established that if your pet is suffering from pain or anxiety and you have exhausted your options: don't fret. Don't forget Hemp oil! PurHemp is a hemp extract that does not produce an intoxicating effect in pets. On the contrary, pet owners whose pets suffer from cancer, anxiety, arthritis or seizures use PurHemp oil to help their pets during times of pain. So why not give it a try? Still have questions contact us!


For more information on Hemp Oil for cancer on dogs and cat, click here!

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