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Effective and Easy to Use, Purbreath Oral Care Gel Kills Bacteria and Freshens Breath Without a Toothbrush


Purbreath Oral Care Gel Kills Bacteria and Freshens Breath Without a Toothbrush


Oral Hygiene In Pets Is Never An Easy Task

If you've ever tried to brush your dog's teeth, or even worse, your cat's, you know what a struggle it is, especially on a daily basis. Even the most gentle, loving pet will vehemently resist your attempts to brush their teeth, and besides, it's near impossible to get the inner surfaces -- you can only reach just the outer ones if you're lucky. The whole thing soon becomes a dreaded chore for both pet and owner.

But since oral health in dogs and cats is paramount, you don't want to just ignore it, either. Neglecting oral hygiene for pets is just as foolish as it is for humans; it can and likely will result in serious oral problems in the future, and socially speaking, no one wants to be near a pet with nasty breath. While oral care regimens are best started while the animal is still a puppy or kitten, it's never too late to begin an oral care program for any cat or dog. Never use a human toothpaste or human oral care product on a cat or dog. These contain ingredients toxic to pets.


Eliminate Risk of General Anesthesia and Reduce Daily Plaque Formation

Veterinary dental cleanings for pets involve general anaesthesia, which always presents serious possible risks to the animal and besides, it doesn't address the everyday care of the pet's teeth and mouth.

PurBreath Oral Care Gel offers a solution to daily oral pet care and does this without the use of a toothbrush. Using natural ingredients and smelling like fresh peppermint, PurBreath gel is simply applied to the animal's gums and teeth. (Peppermint is related to catnip and will appeal to many felines, making it a great natural oral care product for cats.) PurBreath is easy to incorporate into the animal's daily care routine, which will be appreciated by both pet and owner. The PurBreath solution mixes with the animal's saliva, cleaning all tooth and gum surfaces, killing bacteria, preventing plaque formation, freshening breath and improving the animal's overall oral hygiene. 

It comes in a convenient 4-ounce size, which lasts quite awhile. Money-back guarantee! Innovet loves to hear from customers!  Please contact us with any questions or comments.


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