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Emergency Lifesaver: Why Stat!Syringe is a Must for All Dog First Aid Tools

You love your dog, and you do everything you can to keep your precious pet healthy and safe. It's a fact, though, that even the most careful of owners can face a pet-related emergency at any time.


Emergency Lifesaver for dog


Picture this scenario: you are in the middle of your morning rush -- getting the kids ready for school while trying to get yourself ready for work. You have your morning medications in hand, ready to take them, and your dog, in a bid for attention, bumps your arm. A dropped pill scuttles across the floor and before you can prevent it, your dog has captured and swallowed the pill -- one that happens to be very dangerous; a known toxin for dogs. You are horrified. There is no time to get the dog to the vet. The pill must be eliminated NOW before it can cause harm or death to your beloved pet.

This medical emergency is exactly why a Stat!Syringe should be kept on hand at all times. A Stat!Syringe is a method to safely induce vomiting in dogs in certain emergency situations. It consists of a marked oral syringe, hydrogen peroxide 3%, and clear instructions. It's easy to use. All you need to know is your dog's weight; the precise markings on the syringe indicate exactly how much hydrogen peroxide 3% to give. This substance irritates the dog's stomach and causes vomiting, usually within 5 minutes at most. It is safe. When used immediately, the Stat!Syringe can save your dog's life. Before inducing vomiting in your dog, though, always consult a veterinarian or an animal poison-control center. It's not automatically safe to induce vomiting in all situations. You will need professional guidance for this. Never, ever induce vomiting unless your pet is conscious, alert, and responsive, and after your dog has completed vomiting, he or she should see a veterinarian as soon as possible.

Be aware that hydrogen peroxide 3% is NOT the same as the hydrogen peroxide used in the hair-dyeing process. You must be careful to use hydrogen peroxide 3% ONLY. (Hydrogen peroxide 3% is a common household item, most often used to clean minor wounds and also as a dental rinse.) Innovet has made it easy by offering Stat!Syringe kits with and without hydrogen peroxide 3%. If you have the correct substance in your household already, then you may use that. If you don't, or if you would just prefer to order it from Innovet, simply include a 4-ounce bottle of hydrogen peroxide 3% with your Stat!Syringe order. You will see the option for this on the order page.   

Your dog doesn't understand danger and depends on you to protect him or her. Keep a Stat!Syringe on hand at home and know that you're ready for an emergency should your pet ingest something toxic. When traveling with your pet, be sure to bring a Stat!Syringe kit along! More questions? Contact us. We love to hear from our customers!  


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