Even In Cold Weather, Fleas Still Bite: Why You Should Use Natural Flea Prevention Year-round

Even In Cold Weather, Fleas Still Bite: Why You Should Use Natural Flea Prevention Year-round

The benefits of Natural flea control and ease of use.

Even In Cold Weather, Fleas Still Bite: Why You Should Use Natural Flea Prevention Year-round


A common misconception that dog owners have is that the onset of cold weather means the danger of their beloved pet becoming infested with fleas is over. For the sake of your pet's health and your own sanity, don't make this mistake!

In many parts of the United States, flea season actually peaks at the beginning of autumn and lasts all throughout winter. It is during these months that professional groomers become swamped with dogs needing flea baths, and veterinarians make a killing in sales of expensive topical and oral flea medication.

If your dog goes outside at all, is able to come in contact with other dogs, or has any chance of being exposed to wild animals (including house mice!), she or he can become victim to fleas. Here is where we need to revisit the age-old golden rule: prevention is the best medicine! Luckily, flea prevention and control neither have to be overly expensive nor harmful to your pet. The best natural flea control for dogs is available to painlessly incorporate into your normal pet care routine. These natural flea control products use some of the safest and yet most effective ingredients that nature has to offer. Here are a few tips on how to add them to your routine:


Supplement your dog's food

This one will make your dog even more enthusiastic about flea prevention than you! With the appetizing flavor of beef liver combined with pest-repelling and nutritious ingredients such as aged garlic extract, pumpkin seed powder, and food grade diatomaceous earth, mixing this dietary supplement with your dog's regular kibble will make controlling pests a treat.


Finish up routine baths with a leave-in conditioner

Your pet will not only be pest free but also luxuriously soft and shiny with this natural leave-in conditioner. All you need to do is pump a bit of conditioner into your hands and massage into your pet's coat to reap the natural pest repelling benefits of lemongrass oil, neem oil, and diatomaceous earth.


Defend your home with a pleasantly scented mist

Useful for spraying furniture, bedding, and carpet, this lemon-scented spray will keep away pests and leave your home smelling nice at the same time. It's even gentle enough to spray directly on your dog's fur for extra protection!

Throughout every season, it's important that we keep our beloved pets healthy and pest free. If you have questions on natural, safe flea control for dogs, contact us here.

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