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Having a Blind Dog is Not the End of Your Pup; They Can Still Function With Tracerz

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Having a Blind Dog is Not the End of Your Pup; They Can Still Function With Tracerz

Is your aging dog losing his vision?

Are you considering a "special needs" dog who has visual impairments?

Has your dog experienced an accident that has costed him his sight?

These can be scary scenarios for dog owners. As humans, we rely more heavily on sight than perhaps any other sense that we possess. The thought of our pet losing his sight and living in a dark, confusing world can really stress us out... But keep in mind that dogs utilize their nose more than their eyes, so when they are unable to "see" in the traditional sense, they can still experience so much of their world through scent. Their world can remain vibrant and comfortable, but that doesn't mean that they don't need help adjusting to all of the obstacles in day-to-day life. Tables, chairs, rugs, and doors become things to run into. While we can never prevent all accidents, we can at least reduce the number of times they occur.

Tracerz® Scent Markers for Blind Dogs - Helping Blind Dogs Navigate
Innovet's Tracerz is the go-to product for helping your pet all you can. Tracerz are adhesive, scented dots that you place on different objects to allow your dog to identify them before he ever runs into them. These scent markers can help your pet visualize his home and start adjusting his travel around obstacles. Tracerz are made with your dog's sensitive olfactory organs in mind and are made from gentle and natural essential oils. Each Tracerz adhesive can emit scent effectively for a year and do not put off odors that people can smell unless they're very close to them.

Cats and other pets can benefit from Tracerz as well!

Do you think your pet's quality of life could be improved by using Tracerz? Do you have questions or concerns about the product? Contact us here at Innovet and we'll be in touch with you soon.

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