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Help Your Blind Dog Live a More Independent, Functional Life with Tracerz

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Help Your Blind Dog Live a More Independent, Functional Life with Tracerz

Help Your Blind Dog Live a More Independent, Functional Life with Tracerz | Innovet Pet

One of the reasons we humans decide to get a dog as a pet is to have a furry friend who will accompany us to a park and keep us company in our homes. Although it is not a topic dog owners like to think about, there may come a time where your companion loses his or her eyesight. Although this is a devastating blow to the owner, it does not mean the end of your dog’s life.

Even though your pet’s eyes may not work as they used to, the sense of smell is still intact, which is an important part of a dog’s anatomy. Did you know that a dog’s sense of smell is up to 100,000 times better than a human's? Whereas the human brain is mostly devoted to our ability to see, a dog’s brain is devoted to developing and using the sense of smell. In fact, researchers have discovered that dogs can detect a single chemical which has been diluted in a solution of 1 to 2 parts per trillion. It is simply amazing when you think about it.

By training your dog to use his or her sense of smell in place of vision, you can provide your beloved pet with a better quality of life on a more independent level. This may seem like a difficult task, but with the use of Innovet's Tracerz, this can easily be accomplished.

Tracerz use all natural oils to help your dog recognize boundaries, which helps to prevent bumping into furniture or getting lost in various rooms. These small wax dots attach easily to your furniture or wall corners, and release a scent that is comprised of all-natural oils, providing a safe and effective way to train your dog to maneuver throughout the living environment without bumping into objects and harming themselves. The effects are not immediate; however, over the course of a few days, your dog will learn how to use their keen sense of smell to maneuver throughout the home or office, and you no longer have to worry about his or her level of independence.Tracerz® Scent Markers for Blind Dogs - Helping Blind Dogs Navigate Not only will Tracerz help your pet to become more independent, they will also boost his or her confidence levels. Many dogs succumb to depression as a result of vision loss. By using this product, your dog will learn that they can maneuver all by themselves without the help of human intervention, simply by using their miraculous sense of smell.

Contact us today to purchase Tracerz, and help your dog start living a more functional, independent life.

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