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Help Your Pet Fight Off Cancer and Ease the Side Effects From Traditional Treatments with Hemp Oil

Interesting Facts About Hemp Oil For Cancer in Dogs and Cats

Is your beloved dog or cat suffering from cancer or experiencing pain from the associated side effects brought on from traditional cancer treatment such as Chemotherapy and Radiation therapy? Although Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Hemp oil is not a cure for cancer, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it could not make a great addition as a useful alternative treatment.  PCR Hemp Oil may be helpful in easing the pain your pets may experience, and the overall beneficial properties found in hemp may further aid in helping to treat cancer naturally.


Many modern research studies and experiments regarding hemp on animal subjects suffering from cancer have shown positive results that PCR hemp possesses anti-carcinogenic agents and also has unique anti-proliferative and pro-apoptotic properties to aid in cancerous cells.

  • Research shows that PCR hemp aggressively interferes with tumour cell migration and invades on abnormal cell growth.
  • Hemp Oil is also acknowledged by many renowned health research institutions as Hemp inhibits angiogenesis and works well on tumour and endothelial cells as an effective therapeutic agent.
  • Administering Hemp oil in proper dosages gradually reduces the abnormal cell division rates, while also aiding in the treatment of lung, colon cancer, and Leukaemia in dogs and cats.
  • Report studies came into surface only during the last few years with pet owners using hemp oil as a natural supplement for their cats and dogs.
  • After the discovery of cannabinoid binding receptors CB1 and CB2 in Cannabis, the potential use of PCR Hemp Oil to help in treating cancers and to also target the pain associated with cancer as a side effect, have increased to a great number.
  • Hemp Oil also inhibits angiogenesis and works on tumour and endothelial cells as an effective therapeutic agent. The American Veterinary Medical Association has made comments in relation to an article regarding the use of Hemp Oil as an additional aid to treating cancer and recommends that it be promoted as a natural and safe herbal alternative medicine for potential cancer treatment.
  • Researchers have found that use of cannabis can prove beneficial to other common ailments such as pain and had even been used industrially in ancient civilizations for making rope and other household works.
  • A look into ancient history shows traces of medicinal use of the plant Cannabis as well to treat many common health issues such as pain, anxiety and many others.


Marijuana and Its Therapeutic Use

  • Marijuana, in general, has been a common practice for over thousands of years for high psychic activity.
  • Marijuana is generally portions of Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica obtained from dried leaves, flowers, stems, and seeds. The Cannabis plant contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is responsible for over-activating a particular part of the brain that contains dense CB1 and CB2 receptors.
  • When marijuana is administered in any form, the THC content quickly gains access into the brain through the bloodstream. This causes the “high” that we often associate with marijuana as it coincides with the receptors in the brain.
  • After years of intense research on the plant, success has finally made a breakthrough in using it in an alternative non-toxic, non-psychoactive medicine.
  • Scientists have been able to identify a breed of cannabis and successfully disassociated THC on a variety of cannabis breed through experimental research and careful cultivation of Cannabinoids.
  • Innovated methods of extraction processes via cold CO2 extraction have produced Phytocannabinoid, derived from hemp cannabinoids and cultivated with THC at only 0.3% or less with an entourage effect on cancer in cats and dogs.
  • The THC in Phytocannabinoid has no psychoactive effect. Both the structural affinity for THC and efficacy of hemp in the modulation of different steps of genesis of tumours in several types of cancer has been thoroughly explored as an alternative


Something That May Cure Cancer

PurHemp+ is a 100% hemp based phytocannabinoid rich oil developed by Innovetpet. It is the best effective and quality Hemp much useful for the pet parents to decrease the pain in pets with cancer. It is an accepted alternative way to treat several types of cancers in cat and dogs. The PurHemp+ PhytoCannaBinoid Rich Oil produced by Innovetpet also useful to regain the appetite and vitality of pet suffering from cancer. You will be getting all the popular hemp product online in a much affordable price with a 30 days money back guarantee from Innovetpet.

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May 18, 2018

What if they operated on and use this product? They want his eye and the bone that holds up the eye. I say no, I believe pills and this product can help my dog. Can anybody help me?


April 27, 2018

My 10y old cat has lung cancer I bough the 125 CBD, he lost some weight is about 7 pounds now, what is the best amount dosis ai can give him and how many times per day.
Thank you

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