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How I was Able to Help my Pets Quality of Life


"Our 8yr old dog Maddie was diagnosed with advanced Anal gland cancer which had spread to her abdomen and possibly lungs.

Her lymph nodes were enlarged and one was 10x10cm.

This trooper went through 2 surgeries - removal of the tumour in her anal gland and an abdomen lymphadenectomy and the vet insisted she has to be put on chemo after.

We did not want to put her through any more pain/ trauma and decided against chemo. Hence I started researching on what else we can do for her and came across CBD oil and decided to give it a try together with a nutritional diet!

It's been more than 6 months since her surgery and her blood count has been looking well so far!

The vet estimated that the cancer will come back soon if we did not put her through chemo!

Hence we are very happy and Maddie loves the oil too!

She looks forward to each intake and always happily lay down on her side for me to drip the oil directly into her mouth!

Thank you for this amazing product! We don't know how much time she has left but at least she's much happier and have a better quality of life compared to if we had put her on chemo!"- Maddie & Kristal

How to help your Pets

Unlike humans, our furry companions can’t tell us when they are experiencing pain and dealing with a medical condition that’s seriously affecting their health. This all too often leads us to miss illnesses and injuries until they’ve progressed to later stages where they become much more difficult to fight.

Innovet Pet Products organic pet hemp CBD product has been used by thousands of pet owners and counting to help their pets, but don't take our word for it. Check the reviews on what our pet owners have to say. 

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