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How I've Given My Dog A Better Quality Of Life


"Slick feels better!

Slick is a 13-year-old, 80 lb. bully mix that I rescued almost 5 years ago.

He was a little stiff even then, but the last year or so I know he's been hurting from arthritis.

After reading about PurCBD oil and it's pain relieving properties, I decided it was time to give it a try.

It didn't take long - a little over a week - that I noticed some big changes in Slick.

He was playing tug of war with his little brother Frankie, and actually running and bouncing around (a little bit) in the backyard when I let them out after work.

He's also able to get up on the bed without help.

It's been a huge help.

I know he still hurts sometimes, but his quality of life is so much better.

He's really doing well on PurCBD oil and I'm so glad he isn't suffering like he was.

Thanks Innovet for also providing a product that is affordable - buying CBD at a pot shop is super expensive!" - Lori & Slick

How to help your Pets

Unlike humans, our furry companions can’t tell us when they are experiencing pain and dealing with a medical condition that’s seriously affecting their health. This all too often leads us to miss illnesses and injuries until they’ve progressed to later stages where they become much more difficult to fight.

Innovet Pet Products organic pet hemp CBD product has been used by thousands of pet owners and counting to help their pets, but don't take our word for it. Check the reviews on what our pet owners have to say. 

Have questions or concerns about our products? Want to know if CBD oil is the right fit for your pet? Join our Facebook 100% transparency group and ask away!


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