How PurOtic Ear Cleaner Is The Easiest And Most Effective Ear Cleaner On The Market

How PurOtic Ear Cleaner Is The Easiest And Most Effective Ear Cleaner On The Market

What pet owner isn’t concerned about their pet’s health? It’s hard not to be when there are so many common health problems that can strike our pets at any time. The worst is when a mild, easily treatable issue is ignored or incorrectly treated and it becomes a nightmare when you go to the vet and see your bill.



One of the most common ways this happens is when it comes to ear health. This is tricky for a lot of owners because many breeds will never have an issue, while others just can’t help but get ear infections after ear infections. If you’re wondering if your new puppy is going to have issues with ear infections, all it takes to find out is take one look at their ears. If they flop completely over then moisture will most likely get trapped and that means the potential for ear problems. If you have a breed that’s prone to ear problems then it’s a good idea to have ear cleaning products always at hand.  


What to Know When It Comes to Ear Cleaning Solutions

But first, there are things you should be aware of before you buy any pet health products online. If you follow two easy guidelines, you’ll avoid a lot of problems when buying online. I’ll show you down below my choice for ear cleaning products, but I want to show you how to choose your own first.

  • Number one – Always check the reviews if they are available, and if there isn’t any then look reasons they might not have them. Unless they are a new site, you should always see reviews for any health products you’re buying online.
  • Number two – You want health products made of 100% natural ingredients like flowers, herbs, etc. We are trying to help out our pets health, we don’t want to be giving them pesticides in the process.

Following just two guidelines might not seem like much, but once you start looking you’ll see a lot of companies can’t even meet just these two guidelines. Ear cleaning solutions are laced with synthetic chemicals and false advertisements, so go natural and look for real reviews by real people.  

Where to look

Innovet Pet provides a range of organic all-natural ear cleaning solutions that work great for dogs with even the floppiest of ears. The products made by Innovet Pet are ideal for safe use and removal of heavy ear-wax buildup without introducing the risk of infection.

The products are designed with a variety of application methods, which any owner that has ever cleaned their dog’s ears before knows the importance of catering to your dogs “preferred” method. If you haven’t cleaned your pup’s ears before, then it’s recommended to pick a product with silicone tips. Silicone tips will condense the liquid so it’s not flying all over the place while providing a safe and soft tip that won’t hurt your pup when they are wiggling around.


PurOtic Ear Cleaner a Natural Relief for your Pet

  • This solution is formulated to break down waxy build-up and debris safely
  • Has a unique botanical blending of essentials oils for safe, but maximum ear cleaning
  • Removes bad odors and while emitting a clean and fresh smell
  • No-alcohol ensures no stinging or irritation on the skin
  • Designed to kill bacteria and prevent further bacterial or fungal overgrowth


For more information on PurOtic Natural Ear Care for Pets, click here!

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