How to Help Your Pet Love Vet Visits

How to Help Your Pet Love Vet Visits

How to Help Your Pet Love Vet Visits

You would think that all pets hate going to the vet, but it is the complete opposite for many pets. Many pets actually love going to the vet. They do get copious amounts of treats and attention at the vet's, so what’s not to love?  If you happen to have a pet that has uncontrollable shakes, paces a lot in the vet office, and also refuses to accept any treats from your vet, do not worry as there are ways to make the vet trip more enjoyable for the pet and yourself:

When your dog goes in for a routine check-up it means that at this time your pet is not ill and the use of food as rewards is very effective. If you want to increase the chances of food working as a motivator, you could opt for having your dog skip breakfast prior to a vet visit. Fortunately, veterinarian offices do not skimp on their nice healthy liver treats to offer your dog or cat.

If on arrival to the vet, your dog starts shaking in anticipation, we suggest that you go on a few dry runs with your dog, where you repeat the process of driving in and out of the vet’s driveway, and giving the dog treats in the drive way, or in the vet’s waiting room. There are many dogs that have come into Veterinarian offices shaking in nervousness and the repetitive dry runs with treats can work wonders on changing a dog’s mind and behavior.

Some dogs may fear other dogs or cats or the noise in the vet clinic. If this is the case, you should try to make your dog’s appointment at a quieter time. The quieter time in the office will help as the waiting room is not overly crowded and you can easily walk in. It is also possible to call the vet prior to the appointment and confirm that the vet’s office is less busy and it is safe for you and your dog to come in.

If you have a dog who is an excessive worrier and an anxious pet, you should approach your vet for medication like Adaptil which is for dogs or Feliway which is for cats. You can also use tools like a Thundershirt amongst others to decrease your pet’s anxiety or even Pet Hemp Oil for dogs and cats by Innovet. Veterinarian staff members are extremely passionate about pets and they are continuously finding new ways to help them. 

For more information on natural supplements to help your pets with anxiety visit Hemp for pets by Innovet

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