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Natural And Safe Flea Control For Pets

We all want healthy, happy pets, and the dangers posed to our pets by fleas and other pests are quite real. However, as the Humane Society warns, the truth about many flea and pest control products is frightening.


Natural And Safe Flea Control For Pets


Many widely used flea control products kill pests by using dangerous chemicals, such as permethrins, that cause numerous health problems in humans and pets. The noxious smell of these chemicals is a warning that there is a problem. The solution is to go natural. 

Innovet's BioPel products offer the best natural flea control for dogs and cats. Not only are these natural products easy to use and mess-free, they offer pet owners the peace of mind that comes from using safe, nontoxic products that protect without potentially causing harm.

Innovet's BioPel Spray is a favorite of pet owners who have decided to go natural because it works. Nontoxic ingredients like lemongrass and cinnamon oils safely repel pests, dissolve flea eggs, and kill mosquito larvae. This natural pest control is even safe for puppies and kitties. Just spray it on your pets, their bedding, and anywhere else for a defense that smells lemon fresh and protects your pets from pests without using noxious chemicals. 

Have the peace of mind that comes with natural, easy to use pet care.

With Innovet's Biopel Pest Defense products you can breathe easy. They are all safe, natural, affordable, and easy to use. From BioPel Spray to Biopel Plus dietary supplement, you can protect your pets without exposing them, your family, and yourself to dangerous pesticides. 


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