That Flea Medicine From The Vet Could be Harming Your Pet

That Flea Medicine From The Vet Could be Harming Your Pet

The benefits of Natural flea control and ease of use.



As pet parents, we want to keep our fur babies happy and healthy. We keep them well fed and vaccinated, but we need to keep those pesky little fleas and ticks off of them too. Many pet parents will turn to over-the-counter flea products or pick one up from the vet. As we put these products on our pets, we don't think about what kinds of things are in them. They work so well at killing the parasites and are made specifically for pets. But these products aren't as safe as you might think.

These products actually contain powerful synthetic pesticides which can cause harm to you and your family if you accidentally come into contact with it. They put warnings on these products telling you not to get any on your skin or clothing because it's toxic. Yet they claim these products are safe to use on our pets? Prolonged exposure to these pesticides can cause serious harm to your pets and shorten their lives. Over time, as you put these products on your pet, the chemicals will build up in their body. These chemicals damage your pet's internal organs and can greatly increase their risk of developing cancer. Not only that, but over time, the pests can actually develop a resistance to the poisons, making these flea products useless. These flea medications are certainly not the best way to go for flea prevention. However, there are many safe and effective alternatives that are completely natural. 

When it comes to flea control, one of the best places to start is in your own yard. You don't want to spray toxic chemicals around where your pets and kids play. So, it is best to look for a natural alternative. One of the best ways to keep fleas from breeding and invading your home is by using nematodes. Nematodes are microscopic organisms that love to feast on flea larvae. They won't hurt humans, pets, plants, or wildlife. But they are very deadly to fleas and are great at controlling their population. Nematodes can be purchased online and applied to your lawn with a sprayer. They must be reapplied every spring as they will die in cold weather. 

With the yard treated, you now need to choose a safe natural flea product to use on your beloved fur babies. While many essential oils are very effective at repelling fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, you need to use these oils with caution. They are not safe to use with cats because their livers lack a certain enzyme needed to break down the oils. If you use these oils on your cat, your cat can become seriously ill. While essential oils are not safe to use with cats, there are safe and effective alternatives. There are actually a lot of safe natural flea control products for cats and kittens that can be bought online. Essential oils are safe to use with dogs, however, dog's noses are very sensitive to the strong smells of these oils. It is best to dilute them before putting them on your dog. Lemon, orange, tea tree, pine, and lavender oils are some of the most effective at repelling pests. There are many safe natural flea products available for purchase online that contain many of these oils as well as other natural ingredients that effectively repel and kill pests. Definitely read customer reviews, as some of the cheaper products don't work very well. One product I would suggest trying is called BioPel. They get consistently great reviews. Their products seem to work very well.  

After you've treated your yard and your pets, you will want to treat your house as well. While the nematodes are very effective at keeping the flea population under control in your yard, some can still get into your home. They will burrow into your carpets, furniture, and bedding to breed. Before you know it, your whole house could become infested. Fortunately, though, there are many safe and natural flea sprays that can be used in your home to repel and kill them. Many of these natural flea sprays are very effective at keeping the fleas at bay, but they can be used alongside other products such as an insect growth regulator. Insect Growth Regulators, or IGR, are hormones that prevent flea eggs from hatching as well as keeping larvae from reaching their adult stage. When used with products that kill and repel adult fleas, it's a very safe and effective natural solution to flea control for your home. Biopel does sell home sprays and they seem to work well. As for the IGR, it's available online. It usually comes in a concentrated solution and you just add it to water and spray it all around your house. It's completely harmless to humans and pets.  


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