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Dana S.
Dana S.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"I have 2 small dogs, one is a senior and has stomach issues. I use this in conjunction with the hemp soft chews. The difference I see in just my senior dog alone is day and night. She has arthritis and a sensitive stomach. This has helped with her mobility and appetite. She’s got her pep back in her step and she now looks forward to eating."

Loretta J.
Loretta J.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"I gave our 2 five month old pups a bath with this and it seemed to help with their itchiness. It made their coats very soft and shiny. I will continue to use this, and can tell more later, since they are still adjusting to being bathed . They love playing in the water in their pool, but the bathtub...not so much 😂"

Mary L.
Mary L.
Stars reviews Verified Purchase

"I have 3 dogs and everyone of them does not like their teeth brushed,especially my 13 year old Corgi,so just spraying this on their teeth they have no problem with me doing this and so far I have no more stinky breath & their teeth are alot cleaner."

The Benefits of Natural Flea Control and Its Ease of Use

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The Benefits of Natural Flea Control and Its Ease of Use

Posted by Julianne Macaraeg on
Updated at: October 05, 2020

Fleas are small and wingless parasitic insects that survive by ingesting the blood of warm-blooded hosts such as dogs, cats, rats, birds and even humans. Researchers have found at least 2,000 different species of fleas. Though tiny to the naked eye, these small pests can make life miserable for the host organism. A flea’s body is designed well for protruding and being able to pierce through the host’s skin to ingest blood and doing so can cause an irritating and itchy situation for your pets. In some cases, fleas may also lead to much more dangerous diseases if left untreated.

Know Your Enemy: Flea Life Cycles

  • Fleas have four life stages: egg, larva, pupa, and adult.
  • Female fleas can lay up to as much as 20 eggs at a time usually on the host or in a warm spot.
  • Eggs are particularly most likely to be found in the sleeping area of pets.
  • Eggs begin to hatch between a period of a few days to a week.
  • At the Larva stage, larva fleas begin to ingest organic matter such as dead skin and feces of adult fleas.
  • Fleas in the Pupa phase weave a silken cocoon and will remain dormant until it can sense a potential warm-blooded host nearby. This dormant pupa stage can remain for as long as several months.
  • Once fleas reach their adult stage, they can survive from 2 weeks to 6 months, depending on its environment.
  • A flea’s physical attributes allow them to take great leaps from one host to another.
  • Though fleas have developed legs, their leaping abilities are not from muscle power. Instead, a special protein known as resilin is stacked in the pleural arch, providing an excellent range for leaping.

The Benefits of Using Natural Treatments VS Synthetic Chemicals

  • People often use synthetic chemicals to rid of fleas or destroy areas of infestation and are often available in forms of pills, solutions, powders, drops, ointment, etc.
  • Though these synthetic chemicals are easily available in stores, they can provoke side effects such as making pets feel on edge or affect the pet’s skin and fur.
  • Such products may even permanently damage the pet’s organs.
  • Inhaling such pesticides, despite what variety or form, can greatly damage not just your pets health but can be harmful to children, elderly and other members of the household.
  • Natural remedies are always a much safer option for your pets, family, and the environment both inside and outside of your home.

Why Start Using Natural Flea Control Products?

Choosing natural flea control methods will offer peace of mind for pet owners. It is safe and non-toxic for dogs and cats, and most of them are quite easy to use and won’t cause a mess like other products available on the market. You and your family members can safely breathe in the air if you are using natural sprays made of non-toxic ingredients. Choosing these kinds of natural products will protect your pets without exposing them, you, and your family to pesky and dangerous pesticides.

Here are a few more highlights why you should only use natural flea control.

  • Affordable and non-messy, keeping your carpet unscathed.
  • Effective after just one application with a long lifespan.
  • Does not build immunities over a period time on fleas like pesticides or pharmaceutical drugs.
  • No adverse effects after using such as seizures, GI upset, frothing at the mouth, inflammation of the skin.
  • Natural flea control won’t leave an oily residue.
  • No unpleasant chemical odor.

One of the Finest Repellents and Treatments in the Market

InnovetPet’s BioPel line of flea control products are safe to use as they contain essential oils together with oatmeal and Aloe Vera. These items are relatively easy to use and can be used without having to undergo any stress associated with the list above. You won’t only get rid of those pesky ticks and fleas, even mosquitoes won’t even think about getting near your pets!

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