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The Best Dogs for City Dwellers

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The Best Dogs for City Dwellers

Posted by Juan Hernandez on
Updated at: April 06, 2021

The Best Dogs for City Dwellers | Innovet Pet

Living in the city can easily be associated with an on-the-go, busy lifestyle and often, living in a cramped apartment with little to no personal space. None of these factors are preferable for many dog lovers, or wannabe dog lovers who would like to enjoy the company of a four-legged friend but fear they don’t live the best life to accommodate and care for one.

But alas, there is hope. Of course, you can live a happy life in the city with a dog so long as you do your research and know what you’re signing up for. Every dog breed is different, requiring different levels of care and attention based on temperament, energy levels, and of course size. So what kinds of dogs are best suited for living in a big-city apartment?

The Bichon Frise

This dog is hypoallergenic, which is a positive if you’re trying to keep things clean. It’s a dog breed that is social but independent, and intelligent enough that it’s easy to train. They’re incredibly playful and loving dogs and they’re only about 15 pounds on average.

The French Bulldog

Another small dog, the French Bulldog is easy to please. One brisk walk a day is usually sufficient for Frenchies and they aren’t typically anxious dogs that bark often, another positive for living in small spaces.

The Greyhound

The fastest dog out there is an apartment dog? Yes, actually. It is. Greyhounds love to lounge, so they’re pretty happy with one quick, good trip to the dog park. Once you’ve wiped them out with that, sit back and lounge with them at home.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Back to the tiny dogs, Cavaliers don’t require much more than a quick walk each day and then they’re ready to lounge around.


Bulldogs are always entertaining. Incredibly lovable and attentive, they may seem like a dog that requires a lot of your attention but these are also dogs that love to lounge around and don’t require much exercise.

The Boston Terrier

Nicknamed the “American Gentleman,” is a small breed that is eager to please and socialize with its owner.

The Biewer Terrier

The Biewer Terrier is a younger cousin of the Yorkie, only with a reputation for a more mild temperament and quieter demeanor. And since they’re typically only as large as eight pounds, no apartment can really be too small for this dog.

The Italian Greyhound

This is a miniature version of its namesake Greyhound breed at just about 10 pounds as opposed to 60 on average. Naturally, their smaller size makes them even more ideal for living in smaller quarters.

The Chinese Crested

Another small breed to add to the list, this is actually a dog that likely needs to be living inside an apartment. The hairless version of this dog only has fur around the head, feet, and tail, which is actually perfect if you need a hypoallergenic breed that isn’t messy. But also worth noting is that this dog can’t spend much time in the sun thanks to its exposed skin, meaning you actually will need to keep this breed inside the apartment more often than not anyway.

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