Top 5 Review Of What Our Customers Have To Say About PurBreath

Top 5 Review Of What Our Customers Have To Say About PurBreath


Pet kisses on your face are a sure sign of affection. And as a pet parent, you’ve most likely smelled a fair share of stinky pet breath. It may be something you’ve not taken about seriously as you’ve pushed your pet away, but a pet’s bad breath shouldn’t just be taken as nothing. 

And we just happen to have an effective and convenient way to freshen the breath, remove the tartar and give your pet a healthier set of chompers. But don’t take our word for it. Here’s what our customers have to say about PurBreath No-Brush Pet Oral Care.


5. My cats love the salmon flavor.

"My two medium/long haired cats love the salmon flavored PurBreath oral care gel and they're very picky with medication and hate it when I try to go anywhere near them with a toothbrush. It's impossible to even get close to them with anything that resembles medication, so I'm happy that I don't have to fight them to much when cleaning their teeth with this product. I use it approximately once a week by applying the gel onto my finger and wiping it across their gum line. So far the results are good" -Brianna & her Cats


4. Great for stopping the hassle that comes along with brushes in a dogs mouth or any drama that is.

"My dogs breath STANK. It was bad. Real bad.

I have to hold him down to brush his teeth, and for a 4lb Chihuahua, you wouldn't think that would be too bad. You would be wrong though. It is horrible. He knows what we are doing, and he is having NONE of it. I have to enlist help and we tried to brush his teeth every time he had a bath, which equals to about 1 time a week, he HATES baths but he hats toothbrushes more. It evokes a deep throat growl, because in no way will he show his teeth. I can't not clean them, it is too important. So like any parent of children or pets, you have to make them hate you, right?

This PurBreath makes for an easy alternative. It saves the day for sure. I chose mint as his flavor and then I prepared him as always, bath first then teeth. Only this time I tried to do it differently. I held him, and dried him. Let him calm down from the bath, then I started talking softly to him and he was almost asleep or tired or whatever he was doing that he looked peaceful. I then put the gel on my palm of one hand and swiped my finger through it to apply in eight parts total. I started with the back of the top on one side, then I went to the back of the top on the other side (each time doing the front and back of his gum lines. Just swiping the gel. He was licking a lot so I gave it a minute then proceeded. I went to the front and worked back to the spot I felt like I left off on the top row front and back and then same on the other side. I then added more gel and did the same process on the bottom.

I was done in all in all 10 minutes and I had no fussing or whining, he did try to pull his head away a few times and licked constantly, but it was no big deal, I was able to complete and move on with my day trauma-free. Normally we work about 30 minutes and hope we got a few teeth, he runs and hides and we have to regain his confidence. Not this time. He was perfectly fine!" -Kristine & her Chihuahua


3. Everyone Likes This! Including me! 

"I initially bought this for my 12 year old Chihuahua with dental issues. Once we put him through the extractions and cleaning, after we adopted him, I wanted something to help prevent further issues (and that awful breath!). He tolerates application of PurBreath with a cotton swap and that's all that matters! I also started using it on my 2-4 yr old cats sisters and they think it's a treat! The cats are already daily users of the PurBreath and now everyone in the house has minty fresh breath! Thanks for providing high quality, easy to use pet products!" -Mama Lisa & Pets


2. This stuff really works.


"My dog's teeth were getting really bad, as he got older over the past two years he would no longer let me brush them. I've tried other tooth gels and they did nothing. I tried PurBreath and noticed a difference within days, I squeeze it on my finger and rub it on his teeth and gums. He's not crazy about me doing this and isn't a fan of the gel itself but it does work. My dog is 19 1/2! and his teeth haven't looked this good in over two years." -Brian & Dog


1. No More Toothbrush Torture!

"What a great product! I love the PurBreath fresh minty scent and how it lingers on my dog's breath for a good chunk of time after use.
I have two dogs, a Red Nosed Pitbull Mix and a Chihuahua. My pittie didn't protest it too much, she's pretty easy to do things like this, and I love that I'm starting this while she's young (8 months) so she'll be used to it as part of a routine. My Chi, on the other hand, can be nippy, he's spoiled rotten and doesnt like much. For him, and hes an older guy (6 years), I simply put the desired amount in the palm of my hand and rubbed it with a dip of my fingertip on his teeth and gums. He smells so fresh!
I know firsthand how important oral care is for your beloved pets, it extends their life and makes the senior years more comfortable and healthy! This is really great, easy to use product, which will do so much for your pets! I highly recommend it!" -Mary & her Dogs



There you have it. The top 5 reviews our customer have to say. Good oral hygiene is an important part of your furry friend’s overall health. PurBreath No-Brush Pet Oral Care is the best solution for your furry friend's oral health needs!

How to help your Pets

Unlike humans, our furry companions can’t tell us when they are experiencing pain and dealing with a medical condition that’s seriously affecting their health. This all too often leads us to miss illnesses and injuries until they’ve progressed to later stages where they become much more difficult to fight.

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