Treat Your Dog: Ditch the Toothbrush and Switch to PurBreath

Treat Your Dog: Ditch the Toothbrush and Switch to PurBreath


Wouldn't it be great to return to the days of puppy breath and sweet kisses? It's undeniable that your pooch is utterly irresistible but lately, you can't help but cringe as he comes in for a kiss. There is no denying it; he has bad breath!

You've tried dental chews and struggled through brushing your dog's teeth, but the stink is still there. It's time to stop putting off dental care and use a natural and effective treatment like Purbreath.

According to WebMD, inadequate dental care may lead to a slew of costly health problems for your dog. Periodontal disease and early tooth loss can be painful for your dog, so caring for their teeth at a young age may prevent health-related problems in the future. The benefits of regular oral care are beneficial to both your nose and the health of your pet.

PurBreath is the best oral care product for dogs who fidget and fight through grooming.  It is a no-brush solution that effectively kills bacteria and freshens breath. With ingredients like grape seed extract and peppermint oil, the product is natural and safe to use on your beloved pet. 

Purbreath can be used for both dogs and cats and is excellent for pets that despise dental cleanings. It's easy to use and works with your pet rather than against him. All you do is apply it to his teeth, wipe it around a bit, and your pooch will do the rest! As your furbaby licks the tasty gel, friction is created and mimics the cleaning action of a toothbrush. As a bonus, the salmon and mint flavors taste great, making initial application stress-free.

When armed with a natural oral care product that your dog loves, you can get back to enjoying the couch-kisses you love. Purbreath is a reward for your pet and your nose. Bring on the kisses!

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