What is Hemp CBD Oil & How did Maximus & Gordo Inspire it?

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What is Hemp CBD Oil & How did Maximus & Gordo Inspire it?


Innovet Inspired by Maximus Innovet Inspired by Gordo


Basically, Hemp Oil is a special strain of hemp that has very high % phytocannabinoids but 0%THC, so it cannot get you high in any way whatsoever. Not many people knew about phytocannabinoids until 2013, where CNN did a special on it. Until recently hemp was made from special strains of controversial marijuana. Now, phytocannabinoid-rich (PCR) hemp is made from special strains of legal industrial hemp with 0%THC.  The 2014 Farm Bill relaxed the import/export & interstate commerce of industrial hemp and has been gaining popularity ever since.

By 2015, Matt and Dave the founders of Innovet had heard a lot of extreme claims about hemp CBD, but because it was all overwhelmingly positive, we honestly thought it was too good to be true, so we never even gave it a try.

Gordo the rescue bulldog Innovet Pet ProductsThen on a Monday morning in May of 2016, Dave's rescue bulldog Gordo (not to be confused with Gordon) had a bad reaction to his 1st round of chemo to treat an aggressive lymphoma. Dave desperately started looking into alternative treatments and everything he learned pointed toward Hemp CBD oil.

That Monday night after hours of searching for a legitimate supplier of Hemp CBD oil for pets, Matt found and ordered some Hemp CBD oil expedited for overnight delivery. However it didn't arrive until Friday and sadly Gordo never recovered from the chemo- he died in Matt's arms that Thursday. 

https://www.instagram.com/p/BGmrPxqgkGp/ (Gordo's last hug)


Gordo livesMatt's 16-year-old blind Labrador Maximus had also been fighting nasal cancer since 2012, and that same week that Gordo passed, Maximus stopped walking or eating on his own.  Matt was about to watch both dogs die within days of each other. The day after Gordo passed and the CBD arrived late, Matt gave Maximus a dose of the CBD with zero hope that it would change anything - he simply needed to be able to tell himself that he tried everything.

30 mins later, to everyone's surprise, we found Maximus exploring our warehouse in an area that he had never before been in.

Not only had he stood up on his own, but he was also walking and using his sense of smell to try and find more food because his appetite was back and he had wolfed down the bowl of food that he previously refused.

 https://instagram.com/p/BHxPcH1AKO7/ (Max's 16th birthday!)

Maximus 16th birthday

We're convinced that Hemp CBD Oil gave us an extra month of quality time with Maximus and that it helped his joint pain which got him walking again, possibly slowed his tumor growth and most surprisingly it reduced symptoms of senility and made him more alert, aware and curious of his surroundings.

The Hemp CBD Oil worked so profoundly well for Maximus, yet in 2016 the pet CBD market was filled with shady, overpriced foreign suppliers with histories of using toxic ingredients. That's when Dave and Matt decided to make it the mission of Innovet, to bring integrity back into an industry in chaos. Innovet's brand PurCBD+ was born a few months later.

First, we sourced the highest quality ingredients in California, Europe, Oregon, and Colorado. Next, we formulated PurCBD+ to be 25% more concentrated in actual milligrams of CBD than the competition. Finally, we introduced the 125mg PurCBD+ to the public at a fraction of the price of the competition. 

Since 2016, Innovet has become the 1st CBD company to:

  • provide genuine 3rd party COA's 
  • create a comprehensive CBD dosing guide for pets
  • create a CBD dosing calculator
  • create a CBD dosing app
  • make COA's with comprehensive tests on all ingredients
  • make a public COA database for every batch

The FDA limits what we can claim about its medicinal uses. We can only point you toward the 5000+ authentic PurCBD+ reviews of people just like us that have used PurCBD+ for their pets.

There are not many USA based clinical studies to cite yet on hemp only because until recently, the feds have made it ridiculously difficult to obtain the Hemp supplement for research.  However, there have been 1500+ international clinical studies on it.

Additionally, big pharma has spent tons of money to lobby all levels of government to delay the introduction of hemp to the public.  They realize that hemp oil will inevitably become an effective natural replacement for many of their expensive brand name drugs. They cant justify absurdly high prices if we the people can grow the replacement in our backyards. 

We're confident that once the truth is known it will back up many of the most popular claims with pets such as hemp oil for seizures, inflammation, appetite, arthritis, senility and many cancers.  We also hope that the story of Maximus and Gordo will remind pet parents not to wait until its too late to try CBD for their pets.

Maximus & Gordo Founders of Innovet Pet Products
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