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4 Things Your Dog Does That Are Actually Signs of Affection

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4 Things Your Dog Does That Are Actually Signs of Affection

Posted by David Louvet on
Updated at: November 17, 2020

4 Things Your Dog Does That Are Actually Signs of Affection | Innovet Pet

Spend enough time getting to know your pup and you’ll understand their different moods, their body language, and the habits that are specific to them. But as you’ve figured out by now, your dog will never learn to actually talk to you and tell you precisely what they’re feeling and thinking. You may be surprised to learn that some of your pet’s actions and body language aren’t actually communicating what you imagined.

For example, have you ever wondered what they’re saying when they…

Give you those big pouty puppy eyes?

This is the universal expression for pouting and begging, right? Even people pout by raising and furrowing that brow as much as possible to tug on your sympathetic heartstrings as hard as possible.

Wrong. Well, at least coming from dogs, that is. This is actually a sign of love and affection from your dog. When you catch your dog looking at you like this it means you’re doing something right because they’re essentially giving you their own version of an affectionate hug.

Crawl into bed next to you?

This one will probably make you think twice the next time you try to kick your dog out of your bed.

When he or she wants to climb into bed next to you it’s another sign of affection and even admiration, as they’re simply trying to spend as much time with and near you as possible. They admire you. They love you. And even if you’re sleeping they just want to be next to you.

Think about it, you’ve probably given and assigned an actual bed for your dog to sleep in each night and instead of having that space to themselves, they’re asking to share some space with you. So the next time he wants to jump under those covers at night or first thing in the morning, you can make one dog incredibly happy by allowing it.

You come home and they tackle you?

This is another one people are prone to find annoying and intrusive but it’s actually another sign of affection, which you probably already knew.

The key here is to shift your own perspective on this one because we tend to view a hyperactive dog tackling us as them being needy for attention. Really, they’re usually just expressing how over the moon happy they are to see you. Similar to a person literally jumping for joy, dogs do this in the exact same sense and they just want you to know how happy they are.

They give you a toy or a ball?

Here’s another one we think we have narrowed down to some universal sign; this one being that they must want us to take the ball so we can play fetch. But as a matter of fact, sometimes it actually means the exact opposite. Sometimes they are giving you that toy or ball as a gift for you to play with.

When you think of it that way, immediately throwing the thing to the other side of the room is kind of sad, huh?


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