7 Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Owners Who Want A Clean House

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7 Grooming Tips For German Shepherd Owners Who Want A Clean House

Meet the German Shepherd. They’re pretty amazing dogs, to say the least. They are dedicated hard workers, and this makes them amazing at their job. They are amazingly loyal and amazing to watch run around and play. Really, they are just amazing dogs in general. There is one problem, however! They are pretty amazing at shedding. 

Did you know they even have the nickname German Shedders?

But don’t let all that hair scare you away from a great dog that’s a great fit for many.  So here are 7 great grooming tips for keeping your house clean and hair-free when you have a German Shepherd. 

1. Frequent Brushing 

While it’s possible to have a clean and hair-free house with a German Shepherd, it’s not without weekly brushings. My advice is keeping a brush by the door, so when you take your dog outside, you can get a quick brushing when you have a minute or so of free time. It’s important to remember to not give up hope at first. With dogs like German Shepherds, it can take several brushings before you feel like you’re getting a hand on their coat. 

2. The Proper Grooming Equipment 

It’s important to have the right brush for your German Shepherd's coat. We believe in spending a little more money on a higher quality brush like the Furminator. They have different styles for different coat types. Not only does the right brush for the right coat cut down on time spent brushing, but it will also be a gentler process for your pup. For GSD, we recommend multiple brushes. For their undercoats, a soft pin brush is great for loosening hair, and then you’ll want to switch to a deshedder brush. 

3. Professional Groomer

There is no shame in going to a professional groomer. Most dogs require weekly brushing, and some like German Shepherds can get brushed every day during shedding or blow-out season. 

4. The Right Vacuum 

I used to fight with pet hair stuck in my carpets. I didn’t understand why my fancy bagless vacuum wasn’t cutting it. Turns out most bagless vacuums have a design flaw allowing dust and hair to build up in the motor and other components, killing its sucking power. It’s why so many start great then become useless within a year or so. The answer; go back to a vacuum that uses a bag if you have pets! You won’t regret it. 

5. The Right Beeding

There is nothing like buying your dog a big ol’ fluffy bed, but make sure to ask yourself if it’s easy to wash it. Dogs with a lot of hair like the German Shepherd need their bedding washed more often due to hair and oil building up faster. Both can really clog your washing machine, so make sure you stay on top of cleaning them. 

6. Furniture Covers 

Since most people let their dogs on the furniture, it’s not just the carpet that needs cleaning. Furniture covers are a godsend for fast and efficient cleaning. Rugs are handy as well, along with bedding covers or blankets for their pet bed.

7. Good Diet 

If you notice your pup doesn’t have the soft and shiny coat you would expect, one of the first places you should look is their diet. For healthy skin, coat, and nails, you want to give your dog a complete diet that is rich in DHA and EPA, which are omega-3’s found in fish. It’s common to supplement essential omega fatty acids of all types into a dog’s diet. 

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