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Clean Your Pet's Ears Safely, Effectively, and Naturally with PurOtic Ear Cleaner

Whether your pet was having a great time rolling in the mud, or you've just noticed she keeps trying to paw and clean out her ears, it's always good to have an ear cleaning product on hand. Nip the mess in the bud to prevent infections and irritants from falling deeper into the ear canal.

PurOtic Ear Cleaner

All of our PurOtic ear cleaners are the easiest and most effective ear cleaner on the market. Plus they're 99-100% natural, so you don't have to worry about any harsh chemicals making their way inside of your pet's sensitive ears.

Our PurOtic Natural Regular Strength ear cleaner is the optimal choice for your cat or dog. It's our basic non-irritating wash designed by veterinary and health care professionals. As with all of our cleaners, it comes with a unique soft silicone applicator to make cleaning your pet's ears easier than ever before.

PurOtic Extra Strength ear cleaner is the best natural dog ear cleaner on the market. Made with powerful essential oils and no alcohol or sulfates, this cleaner will break up your dog's ear wax, prevent infection, and eliminate the smelliest odors. Ideal for routine maintenance.

Our PurOtic Professional Strength ear cleaner is the best choice for your dogs in need of some professional grade cleaning. It's made with a pharmaceutical grade emulsifier combined with the all natural ingredients you love to instantly eliminate odors and deep clean your dog's ears.

But while you're using your natural dog ear cleaner, don't forget your PurOtic natural ear dryer! As an essential part of maintaining ear health, it will prevent infections with regular use. Use it in junction with your choice of PurOtic natural ear cleaner for the best results and freshest ears.

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