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Shelters Across The U.S. Are Running Out Of Adoptable Pets Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

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Shelters Across The U.S. Are Running Out Of Adoptable Pets Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

For some heartwarming news during these troubling times, shelters all across the United States are seeing a large spike in adoption rates due to many sheltering at home. Pet adoption is so high right now that some shelters like Riverside County Department of Animal Services have no pets left up for adoption. 

Many shelters say they saw an increase in adoptions in early March but that it significantly increased later in the month as more states had put shelter-in-place orders in. Shelters across the country say they had record-breaking numbers of people coming in looking for their new fuzzy friend. Foster rates are seeing record-breaking numbers as well, which is fantastic as many foster pets become permanent members of their new family. 

Now is a fantastic time to rescue, foster, or adopt a new pet, especially if you’re looking to bring in a younger pet or one that needs a little more TLC. Puppies can only hold their bladders for one hour per month of age, making it near essential to have someone home at all times. As well, many are feeling more depressed, anxious, and upset, and a new pet is a great way to help lift the spirits. 

Shelters are considered essential businesses, and while adoption rates are up, many dogs, cats, and other animals are still looking for their forever home. So if you’re interested in adopting or fostering, check out your nearest shelter. 

For news and information on keeping your pet safe from the coronavirus, make sure to stay up to date with our blog at Innovetpet.com.   

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